February 17, 2015, 01:48:50 PM by Metsu | Views: 94 | Comments: 0

And we are back! Blackrock Foundry has been released and Vortex continues to down boss after boss. Having set foot in the Orcish stronghold our merry band of adventurers took the warlord by surprise with cunning and agility. Blackhand serves as the end boss of the raid which by all accounts is very well balanced and quite fun to play. This 3 phase fight serves as a reminder of Blizzard's continued tradition with tier end bosses being very well designed. After knocking out the first 2 phases in quick succession , his final form gave us an interesting mechanic to deal with, our risk being thrown to our graves.

After downing him we turn our eyes to the heroic and mythic fights before us. As of this news post we are currently 8/10 H with only Furnace and Blackhand remaining on the heroic difficulty. So far this tier has been a blast and we look forward to more kills.
January 24, 2015, 04:12:27 PM by Scythe | Views: 308 | Comments: 5

Annnd we're back with a fresh installment of "Raid Bosses who thought they stood a chance at living" - this time featuring Brackenspore in Highmaul on Mythic difficulty.

This is a loooong fight (at a 10 minute berserk). Waves must be dodged and Spore Shooters killed. Interrupts must be careful coordinated as well, as a single Decay cast can wipe the raid. Meanwhile, you're running all over the beach to mushroom that mean the difference between life and death.

Lastly, there's a pretty stringent DPS check and we hit berserk several times until we geared up somewhat and adjusted our strategy to get more DPS onto Brackenspore vs. the adds spawned throughout the fight. Once we did that, however, well:

January 10, 2015, 09:59:23 AM by Scythe | Views: 299 | Comments: 2

Week 2 of solid progression and Vortex clears another boss!

Our latest victims were the Twin Ogrons of Highmaul. Both Pol and Phemos were unhappy about our presence; throwing fire and charging everywhere. For added entertainment in Mythic difficulty, Imperator Mar'gok shows up empowers the twins causing their whirlwind ability to have a pull effect and their charge to split into 3 mirror image charges. These changes, coupled with the difficult blaze mechanic, as well as the increased quake damage made this a very intricate fight.

With some tweaks to our tank positioning, and some added polish on our gear to help us meet the high DPS requirement (coupled with the customary brilliant healing from our healing team), we were able conquer the dynamic duo! Great work team!
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