July 22, 2015, 11:02:08 AM by Metsu | Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Vortex stormed into the Helfire Citadel with the launch of 6.2. We have continued to rack up kill after kill this summer as we have battled the Legion and efforts to put a stop to Gul'dan's plans. As of last week we polished of Mannoroth and now set our sights on Archimonde himself. We are looking to tackle some of the early mythic bosses in a few weeks as well so please stay tuned for that news.

We are also continuing to recruit for these mythics and are seeking ranged dps and a healer at this time. Great work everyone so far in Hellfire. It has been a lot of fun. Let's stay focused and get ready for Mythics!
May 29, 2015, 05:07:59 PM by Metsu | Views: 442 | Comments: 4

Another kill! Vortex raiders all got their tickets to ride this crazy train. This fight was a great one. the fight was not determined by the boss health percentages but a careful dance of following Thogar's destructive train schedule.

The ranged took out the cannons, the melee took out the adds, The healers kept us topped off from burning alive to the deforesters. All while the tanks kept the fight moving as we avoided train after train. I especially liked the last "squeeze" mechanic needed to survive the final onslaught of moving freight. A close but well deserved kill. One of my favorite fights this tier.

Enjoy the Video with new Vortex Intro :D
May 29, 2015, 04:59:48 PM by Metsu | Views: 307 | Comments: 2

Vortex strikes again! This time we take out the behemoth Kromog. This fight was a quick dps check as well as coordination of dealing with his hands and pillars phases. While avoiding his reverberation rings; adventurers had to straying grounded in his hand grasping mechanic while lending a helping hand to their neighbors in releasing his grip.

Then the one track minded Gronn slammed down pillars of earth that we needed to quickly shattered to create a barrier to avoid his Call of the Mountain. After careful timing on damaging both hands in pillars; the team was able to quickly move through this encounter! Good job team, another well fought battle.

Kill Video courtesy of Bus.

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