April 25, 2015, 10:44:55 AM by Metsu | Views: 103 | Comments: 0

Vortex strikes again. This time we tackled the mighty Gruul. This was a pretty straight forward fight similar to its heroic cousin. Using a 3 group stack method we rotated his inferno slice from his hook hand around the room. While dodging his fireballs and cave ins. A slight DPS check that we powered through straight to his enrage this week.

His main mechanic to avoid was his super powered smash cone attack. After getting the dance down here however we made short work of this Gronn. Another good kill team. I am excited to keep moving forward. Up next is Hanz'gar and Franzok. Let's get em gang!

Twitch sniped my audio sorry ;x
April 06, 2015, 03:13:54 PM by Metsu | Views: 296 | Comments: 7

Vortex makes short work of the Goren levithan. After some training in lane control, Vortex was able to quickly adapt to controlling this two phase fight. With careful consideration of puddle placement and planned CD rotations, the tanks and ranged dealt with his nasty temperament. Meanwhile the melee were meticulously interrupting his chain casting ore toss.

This lead to his ore consumption phase. With consideration of his lane clearing roll we guided this oversized mole to preplanned paths until he stuffed himself full of stones. A little rinse and repeat and we had conquered our second mythic boss. Great work team, another clean pull. Onwards to Hanz and Franz!

VOD (Metsu calm down you're just DPSing on those keys)
April 04, 2015, 06:20:31 PM by Metsu | Views: 194 | Comments: 0

We have toppled our first Mythic encounter in Blackrock Foundry! This fight required high spatial awareness as Darmac mounted up on his 4 vicious creatures. Mythic mode introduced the clefthoof behemoth, Faultline. This fearsome beast drops epicenter earthquakes beneath his feat closing the small pen of a room that is already on fire into a death trap for our stalwart adventures. After careful practice we were able to become the beastmasters. Great job team!

VOD (sorry for the loud key clicks, I get aggressive as BrM)

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