March 22, 2015, 10:51:07 AM by Metsu | Views: 216 | Comments: 9

Vortex has conquered the iron stronghold! We bring you this kill shot from the jaws of defeat. After putting in a lot of time in on this Orc; Vortex was able to cleanly execute all three phases of this iron juggernaut. Phase 1 took some quick movement by all players in order to avoid his impales, bombs, and the falling debris. After activating his Ironstarâ„¢ technology, Blackhand threw us deeper into his metallic citadel. Here we had to handle his subordinate marksmen as well as wrestle with his deadly siege engines. After continued bombardments of all phase one mechanics Blackhand finally dropped the floor to reveal his infernal crucible.

Here we saw the true viciousness of our foe. Continuing to impale and smash our comrades; Blackhand turned us into living bombs. His plan was to toss us off his fiery throne. After a long fought battle though we were able to stay grounded and disarm his incend...
March 15, 2015, 06:28:47 PM by Metsu | Views: 183 | Comments: 2

Sorry for the delay! Vortex has downed another boss. This time we took out the Blast Furnace. This fight was quite the challenge in coordination and execution. A 3 phase fight that tested our healers mana retention as well as a Deathwing style DPS burst check. After many grueling attempts we were able to pull this one out with great communication and planning by all team members. Great work everyone. We now set our eyes to the final prize; Heroic Blackhand. Then we set sail for mythic!
February 17, 2015, 01:48:50 PM by Metsu | Views: 324 | Comments: 0

And we are back! Blackrock Foundry has been released and Vortex continues to down boss after boss. Having set foot in the Orcish stronghold our merry band of adventurers took the warlord by surprise with cunning and agility. Blackhand serves as the end boss of the raid which by all accounts is very well balanced and quite fun to play. This 3 phase fight serves as a reminder of Blizzard's continued tradition with tier end bosses being very well designed. After knocking out the first 2 phases in quick succession , his final form gave us an interesting mechanic to deal with, our risk being thrown to our graves.

After downing him we turn our eyes to the heroic and mythic fights before us. As of this news post we are currently 8/10 H with only Furnace and Blackhand remaining on the heroic difficulty. So far this tier has been a blast and we look forward to more kills.
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