November 24, 2015, 03:07:09 PM by Ketheres | Views: 71 | Comments: 4

It wouldn't be a Vortex progression update if it wasn't fashionably late!  As we draw ever closer to our Tyrant Velhari kill, I figure it is due time to post an update of our Fel Lord Zakuun kill!  This was a fast and furious fight with very small window execution moments, but in the end, the most difficult hurdle of this fight was Blizzcon and the roster comp boss.

(Image courtesy of Ramabyte)

The mythic changes to this fight are two fold, first and foremost, the debuff you receive from soaking pillars lasts much longer than it does in lower difficulties.  To manage this debuff, Zakuun's Soul Cleave ability to send up to five people into the Shadow Realm to clear their debuff.  This means we needed to prepare a lot more people than typical to dodge waves and position correctly.

That was the easy part.  Most of our wipes came from the last 30 seconds of the fight, and more speci...
November 13, 2015, 10:12:30 PM by Ketheres | Views: 111 | Comments: 0

Hot off the tail feathers of Iskar we ventured towards the next soon-to-be-conquered encounter: Socrethar the eternal.  As with Iskar before him, Socrethar's progression time was relatively short.  Congratulations to our team to pick up the pacing after our first Gorefiend kill.  With each new week, Blizzcon or not, we are bringing new progression kills.

(Image courtesy of Ramabyte)

In this fight's new difficulty, the new dangers all lie within the first phase of the fight.  Thankfully though, the first phase is very short lived and with some skill you can complete the fight within a single second phase.  The new abilities of the first phase include an add which hearkens back to the old days of kiting, as well as some additional unavoidable raid damage.

We had our hunters dust off their kiting kits and with some well timed traps we were able to keep the adds at bay until the ...
November 12, 2015, 03:03:05 PM by Ketheres | Views: 286 | Comments: 9

Not wasting time after our initial kill on Gorefiend, we made our way into the upper portion of Hellfire Citadel and turned our signs on the next logical encounter: Shadow-lord Iskar.  Despite the timing of this update, we made very short work of this encounter, only having about a few hours of attempts on it.

(Image courtesy of Ramabyte)

The significant change in this encounter is that Iskar leaves behind a shadow copy of himself after retreating to the air in each intermission phase.  This new add comes with it's own set of new mechanics...  However all of these are easily avoidable with some creative use of the DPS legendary ring.  With some proper timing you can use the ring's explosion to take a massive amount of life from the add (50+%) and end up killing the copy before it has a chance to use any of it's unique move set.

We had been fairly lax on this encounter's heroic ve...
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