May 05, 2009, 10:58:44 AM by Scythe | Views: 5560 | Comments: 0

In our last update, I mentioned that we'd hopefully have an update on Mimiron shortly. It turns out that I was correct!

This week started down a few raiders due to unfortunate work schedules, but we jumped in and successfully 8-manned Flame Leviathan, and then decided we should finally take a look at Ignis and Razorscale as we filled in the 2 remaining slots. Within short order, both were tail-up and handing us purple pixels. Continuing on, we 1-shot Kologarn with no deaths (go go Champion of Ulduar achievement progress!), and even killed Auriaya before calling it a night. 6 bosses in about 3 hours' raid time partially undermanned, excellent work!

This past Sunday, we bested Mimiron after probably 25-30 total attempts and thousands of gold in repair bills. Mimiron has the distinction of being the first real challenge that we've faced in Ulduar and I'm comfortable speaking for all of us when I say we enjoyed him greatly. Our kill was after much steady progress in l...
April 29, 2009, 12:21:29 PM by Scythe | Views: 2465 | Comments: 0

So we've been busy and I've been forgetting to update you all on our recent activity.

Last Thursday had us in Ulduar working on the last two watchers guarding Yogg-Saron: Mimiron and Thorim.

Thorim was a pretty innovative fight that forced the raid to break up into 2 independent teams. One group controlled the Arena area and defeated the waves of enemies jumping in on top of them. The other group fought through an occupied tunnel up to the top of Arena where Thorim stood and occasionally attacked the Arena group.

It's a fun concept, although it seemed a bit easy in execution once we understood the specifics of the fight and we had him down in less than an hour. I'm personally looking forward to seeing him on hard mode!

Continuing on, we took Mimiron to Phase 4. He's a tough fight, easily the most challenging that we've seen in Ulduar so far and we enjoyed ...
April 23, 2009, 01:57:39 PM by Alyae | Views: 2512 | Comments: 0

The instances have been stable lately, and this has left us in the killing mood. On our first raid day this week, we quickly dispatched the four Ulduar bosses we had already killed, and managed squeeze the time to get in our first kill on Emalon in the Vault.

Emalon is a fairly simple fight that is a kind of DPS race that gave us little resistance. We successfully 8 manned him after making a few changes to our tactics, and had him roll over and drop his pants.

This laid the groundwork for three new boss kills for Vortex on Wednesday! (April 22nd).

We started the night with Freya. After some of her tree minions gave us a good swift kick to our bottoms, we quickly adapted, and dispatched them on our way to the big woman herself. It took us a few tries to adapt to what I like to call, "the evil trio." You know the one group of three adds that need to be killed together? Our DPS is disciplined most of the time, but turning our DPS off is sometimes a diff...
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