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And we're done! After a long tier and a lot of long raid nights, Vortex has finally cleared the Nighthold and stolen all the loot from the fortress.

Gul'dan changes a ton from its Heroic and Normal counterparts; Gul'dan is attackable for the entire duration of the fight, and high DPS performances allow you to skip all but one of the big adds. The first phase requires precise positioning and a lot of movement from all the raiders to bait hellfires into the right place, kill the eyes as they spread, and get knocked back by bonds into a nice location for the healer bubbles.

In the second phase, the raid has to constantly deal with the pushback from Violent Winds throughout the phase, all while soaking souls and dealing with the Flames of Sargeras mechanic, Black Harvest, and Storm. Finally, once Gul'dan is dead, the raid has to deal with the surprise Mythic phase: fighting The Demon Within. The final phase calls fo...
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Whew! We're finally on the home stretch!

Mythic Elisande is the last big wall before the main baddie himself. Her fight is already a bit complex in Heroic, and Mythic is pretty relentless in kicking it into high gear.  The most immediate and noticeable change to this fight is her Aranetic Rings mechanic, which now travels through her instead of stopping once they reach her position. This requires everyone to dodge each set of rings twice, which can be incredibly difficult when juggling the other mechanics and reaching the tight DPS checks that this fight asks from raiders.

Additionally, the blue and pink adds gain a new cast that needs to get interrupted. The blue adds gain Recursive, which refreshes all player debuffs including the deadly Delphuric Beam. Multiple casts of this getting through will also effect Elisande's clones, turning p3 into a potential huge mess of lasers flying everywhere and one-shotting ...
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And now for some regularly scheduled updates!

After cleaning up Mythic Botanist and Tichondrius, we set our sights to the stars (or up a staircase, rather) to take down Star Augur!

The fight is almost completely different from its heroic and normal counterparts. Throughout the entire fight, the boss casts Grand Conjunction, marking random players with certain constellations of different colors. Everyone has to pair up with their matching color to save themselves from instant death, but any collision of non-matching constellations results in a wipe.

The DoTs tick harder, huge fel meteors fall from the sky and coat the raid in badness, and there is even a huge, threatening eye laser with void monsters at the end! All and all, it is a seriously beautiful fight that requires a ton of coordination and crucial mechanical ability to pull off.

More kill posts to come.......

Some kill v...
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