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Another quick kill and we're keeping up the pace through Tomb!

While the Mythic version of Desolate Host sounds incredibly complicated in the dungeon journal, it's truthfully not too bad. The difficulty change brings two major mechanical changes to the encounter. First off, all the adds in the fight will swap realms once they're killed. Yep, the Soul Residues, the Bonewardens, the Priestesses, and any other adds I'm forgetting about have to get killed twice. This forces the group to do some quick and precise target swaps and AoE to make sure we don't get overrun with adds in either realm. We also used a 3-tanking strategy to keep all of the Templars in the back of the room, so they could do their knockback waves off in a convenient location.

Additionally, raiders can only transfer between realms when they're beneath 50% health. With things like the Wither mechanic, spears, and incredibly bugged Spiritual Fonts, ...
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We're back on track! With a recent Sisters of the Moon kill, we've just about cleared out half of the deadly Tomb of Sargeras!

This fight is quite a difficulty spike from the heroic variant with a single mechanical change. Each time a player triggers Astral Purge (the explosion from someone moving one side of the moon to the other), they give the entire raid an Astral Vulnerability debuff. This debuff increases the damage taken from Astral Purge by a large amount, and of course, the debuff stacks.

This requires everyone to be incredibly organized and aware of their positioning, because 7 or 8 players triggering the debuff at once can easily turn a perfect pull into a wipe. We assigned everyone markers to stand on, and made sure we were standing in the right spot whenever the moon crossed our paths. Of course, mechanics like the glaives, eclipses, and moon burns throw a major wrench into this plan, so the whole 1...
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After a kill post hiatus, I'm proud to bring to you another totally legit picture taken immediately after our first Demonic Inquisition kill!

For this fight, the difference between the mythic and heroic versions is quite small but very impactful at the same time. On mythic difficulty, every time a player comes back out from Confessing in the underground realm, they spawn an add that will fixate and track down a player. Each time a new add spawns, they buff all of the preexisting adds, so it becomes incredibly important to have organized groups confessing down and coming back up. We had to utilize our tanks to make countdowns, waiting for fel squalls and other deadly mechanics, all to make sure the upper group can handle the amount of demons.

Additionally, as per usual, everything hits harder, dispels are more important than ever, and positioning is key. Players have to be incredibly careful of their torment me...
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