April 23, 2017, 02:58:04 PM by Yllanis | Views: 221 | Comments: 0

[Continued from earlier]

Armed with renewed courage and morale (for some people at least!) after getting two quick progression kills, we went back what proved to be a wall for us in the past.

On Mythic, Botanist is just a complete flip from the regular fight. You start fighting them as a council, and as you eliminate them the remaining parts of Tel'arn are empowered with new effects on their abilities. We tried different strategies, and decided to go back to the original "burn" strategy after 7.2, sacrificing targets of Call of the Night in phase 3 to not have to deal with the dancing that comes with it. Our increased power and solid all around execution from everyone helped us get a quick kill!

Our next target was Tichondrius. The fight is pretty similar to the regular version, with a slight tweak to the Carrion Swarm mechanic. Instead of spreading out t...
April 12, 2017, 04:58:08 PM by Yllanis | Views: 235 | Comments: 0

Long time no see!

We were expecting a roadblock, we got one! After the initial quick progression in Nighthold, we decided to tackle Botanist next, the DPS check of Krosus being far out of reach. After many heartbreaking close calls but no luck [to be continued...], with 7.2 looming close, we decided to go back and head to the giant standing at the end of the bridge.

Krosus is not mechanically different from the other versions of the fight, it's just that everything hits harder, and a good handling of the adds is critical. It's nearly impossible to soak every burning pitch puddle on the group, so we decided to try to let them spawn concentrated near the boss to have an easier time kill them. Everyone did an awesome job at reacting to the patterns, and we got him down in a relatively short time.

With the spirits high from a first new kill in a month, we hea...
February 14, 2017, 12:10:26 PM by Yllanis | Views: 671 | Comments: 6

It's been a bit quieter on the front page for a couple weeks, but we've been making steady progress in Mythic Nighthold.

On Mythic, Skorpyron is now an actual boss fight. His exoskeleton cycles between different colors, and he spawns a new type of add. Overall, while the DPS and healing requirements are higher, the fight is still rather easy and is a good first boss in the beautiful new raid.

Chronomatic Anomaly is a whole other beast. The order of the fast and slow phases are different than on the other difficulties, and he will spawn two adds instead of one. This means that we needed to carefully split the raid to send enough people to kill the second add while still pumping a lot of damage on the boss. A lot of guilds opted for a burn strat around the 3rd add phase, while we went for the more controlle...
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