January 15, 2017, 12:28:46 AM by Yllanis | Views: 306 | Comments: 0

After getting past Odyn, the next target was Guarm. On Mythic, this fight is very similar to the normal and heroic version. The main difference comes from the foams, a new debuff that has to be dispelled (and passed to) someone who already has a matching color from the breath. If you fail to do so, the penalty is death.

To deal with this, after trying a couple different approaches, we decided to go with a static marker for the melee group, and to adjust the positioning of the ranged groups based on the last breath. A nifty immune trick with ice blocks was also used to get us past the parts of the fight where the timing was thigher. Props to the heal team for a very fast reaction time on all those key dispels.

With this kill and the release of Nighthold next week, we officially end the tier at 9/10, a very strong showing considering how few guilds got past Helya. We're excited to see new bosses next week!
January 05, 2017, 11:28:33 AM by Yllanis | Views: 296 | Comments: 1

On our first raid night after the holiday break, we managed to get down to business and convinced Odyn to let us head towards Helheim. This is definitively the hardest fight that we've beat so far this expansion, just in term of damage and healing requirements.

The fight is actually pretty similar to the heroic version; the only added mechanic is that raiders have to be empowered by the runes around the room to survive Odyn's Unerring Blast. In the first two phases, it is very similar to the encounter in Halls of Valor where everyone gets a marker over his head and has to run to the right spot. In the last phase, this requires adjusting stack points as we move around the room, moving markers mid-fight. The sheer amount of abilities that Odyn has when combined with Hyrja and Hymdall gives the fight the allure of a frantic dance where you can never rest, making it very easy to fall behind if just a couple players get stun...
December 07, 2016, 07:50:36 PM by Yllanis | Views: 662 | Comments: 10

After deciding to extend the raid lockout in order to maximize our chances at clearing the tier before Christmas, Vortex continued its strong showing in Legion by defeating Cenarius and Xavius with plenty of time left.

On Mythic, Cenarius is certainly the more difficult fight of the two. While Malfurion still helps us out by cleansing one of Cenarius' seeds, the corrupted demigod manages to wrestle control back after a short while, forcing us to deal with the previously cleansed add as the next wave is activating. Our strategy for this was the most popular one : throw everything at the boss to force his transition in phase two before the dreaded double twisted sisters (I'm sure you could name a band like that... wait), and then deal with the fallout. This involves tanking the dragon guardians in a corner of the room, where Balmagash and Blistor had the uninspirin...
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