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Hello Vortex!

After trying out a few different strats, and an extra week of farm bosses we claimed our kill on Opulence.

Opulence requires the raid to split into two even groups, one to take out In'zashi (on the left), and to take out Yalat (on the right.) Both golems have very similar mechanics. Each golem has it's own health pool, so you need to dps each one down the same. Each room the golems occupy have some trap you have to deal with, and at every 10% they move to the next room. In one of the rooms the raid gets the opportunity to steal some gems to increase the damage done to the boss. The gems we primarily take advantage of are the ruby, which leaves a stacking debuff on the boss that increases damage done, and Amethyst which applies a buff on our raiders that reduce incoming shadow damage by 90%. Any dps who don't have the privilege of providing the ruby buff take Opal which increases the damage they d...
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Sorry for the delay everyone, between work, and family free time has been short this week.

Hello Vortex! Last Tuesday after swiftly dispatching Champions and Grong, we also killed Jadefire masters.

This fight features 2 mobs that do not share health, a Mage that is constantly throwing fireballs at the tanks and stacking a nasty debuff, and a monk that mostly has raid mechanics, but the tanks swap each boss with the fire debuff.

The non intermission phases for the fight is pretty easy, healers have fire that needs to be dispelled (Thanks Mass Dispell and Revival), the mage will teleport and cast a pyroblast which the dps needs to switch to because he has a shield, and then interrupt the cast, the monk also jumps away, but just needs to be smacked with a melee attack to stop, and lastly the monk will do a multi sided strike that takes everyone but 1 tank, and 1 healer into the air and you have to to a...
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Heellllllooooo Vortex. I have been elected as the officer to take care of our kill screens, and the all important post that you are reading right now.

Grong is the 2nd boss for the horde, while the alliance fights our Jadefire Masters. The basic mechanics of the fight is that Grong slowly gains rage throughout the fight, and does more damage depending on how much rage he has, if he gets full rage he does a Torment channel that does raid wide aoe, it pulses 4 times (one for each 25 rage) and puts a nasty dot for each pulse on to the raid. The way you counter this is with the most annoying part of this fight.

Mekkatorque thinks he's all clever and built Apetagonizer 3000 to cause Grong to gain more rage throughout the fight, while it apetagonizes Grong, it also spits out some pretty horrific voice lines. A simple interrupt order, and keeping Grong 15 yards from the bots prevents Grong from gaining any additiona...
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