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What's that? We've already killed another boss?

Elerethe is definitely not an easy fight. Her heroic version alone comes with a ton of complex mechanics and precise movement requirements, putting her amongst the toughest encounters in Heroic Nightmare. Funnily enough, though, there aren't a whole ton of changes to the fight on Mythic difficulty, which puts her early in our list of boss kills.

While there are some painful changes to heroic mechanics (web of pain damages and knocks back anyone who tries to walk through it, nearby spiders give the boss a stacking 25% damage increase), the main addition in Mythic are the additional mechanics on each of her platforms. On the first platform, she drops a dangerous web filled with spiders in the location hit by her vile ambush, requiring tight and quick movement for the entire raid.

The second platform grants her the Violent Winds ability, forcing raiders to...
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Vortex bursts back into progression with a quick Mythic Nythendra! After just a couple nights of progress and a bunch of close pulls, the team finally banded together to pull off a beautiful kill. 

This fight on mythic is arguably the second toughest fight in the instance, making sure to try to break raiders' spirits before getting into the main instance. While the typical mechanics tick more, do more damage, and generally get more annoying, the new Mythic mechanic allows us to live our Kormrok trash dreams. After each breath, the boss will cast Infested Mind, which mind-controls any raider lucky enough to have over ten stacks of the Infested debuff. The mechanic requires some immense burst and precise positioning, as a single mistake from any amount of players can cause the fight to slowly spiral out of control.

Obviously, we got this kill (and our Heroic clear as well) amongst a ton of changes for the raid t...
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And we're live!

Ahooooooooooooooooooooy Vortexians!

If you haven't been living under a rock, boat, or pile of demon corpses, then you'll know that Legion is live! We've already been hitting the expansion hard leveling, racking up some of the first level 110's on our server (congrats to Sunnymuffin for server first 110 and winner of the best-dude award)!

This short post is just a reminder of our raid expectations come the release of Emerald Nightmare on September 20th. They're stickied up on the Raid Discussion board, but I'll go ahead and post them again here for duplicity:

Helllloooo Vortex Raiders!

Are you excited for Legion? Us too!

You know what's better than a new expansion and fresh raid tier? Successfully raiding!

Below you will find a list of requirements for members of our raid team. We believe that th
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Vortex Recruitment

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