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After deciding to extend the raid lockout in order to maximize our chances at clearing the tier before Christmas, Vortex continued its strong showing in Legion by defeating Cenarius and Xavius with plenty of time left.

On Mythic, Cenarius is certainly the more difficult fight of the two. While Malfurion still helps us out by cleansing one of Cenarius' seeds, the corrupted demigod manages to wrestle control back after a short while, forcing us to deal with the previously cleansed add as the next wave is activating. Our strategy for this was the most popular one : throw everything at the boss to force his transition in phase two before the dreaded double twisted sisters (I'm sure you could name a band like that... wait), and then deal with the fallout. This involves tanking the dragon guardians in a corner of the room, where Balmagash and Blistor had the uninspirin...
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Trying to break the chain of late posts!

Vortex started the holiday week strongly by heading to Emerald Nightmare to quickly finish off Il'gynoth after the close calls from the previous week.

The fight is very different from the heroic version, especially after the hotfixes made to the boss after the opening Mythic week. Killing various nightmarish adds in the outside phase still spawns Nightmare Ichors as usual, but they are much more threatening : as they die, the explosion applies a stacking damage debuff to the whole raid for a few seconds. To overcome this, we made use of two different strategies : killing 8 at the same time (and using every single healing cooldown available), and then carefully marking and strategically killing adds one by one to ensure that the debuff would never stack. Another Mythic-only twist is that Blizzard removed the possi...
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I'm pulling a Vortex classic and posting these late...

Super late.....

Regardless of my timing, we've done it again! Two more bosses down and the raid team is onto the 'fun' part of the instance. While the final few bosses of Emerald Nightmare are the horror story encounters, Dragons of Nightmare and Ursoc went down in only a couple raid nights of progression!

Ursoc remains a pretty simple fight; the real difficulty comes from the checks on damage, healing, and tanking ability required to survive the entire fight. Everyone has to play at the top of their game, juggling debuffs, charges, and healing cooldowns all while bursting down priority adds.

Dragons of Nightmare forces the raid to face all 4 of the dragons at the same time, hitting players with a ton of different abilities both in the air and in the ground. Additionally, at differe...
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