Author Topic: Kel'thuzad Banished; Naxxramas Cleared!  (Read 4850 times)


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Kel'thuzad Banished; Naxxramas Cleared!
« on: December 15, 2008, 01:02:27 AM »
Within just two raid lockouts, we finished clearing Naxxramas with a two-shot defeat of Kel'thuzad this past Saturday.

We worked really hard in preparing for Naxxramas. Most of us knew it as the pinnacle of raiding in the original WoW, and treated it with the appropriate respect. We ran heroics constantly and farmed ridiculous amounts of consumables. We worked hard to give ourselves every advantage because that's how we go about raiding.

It turns out that we were (way) overprepared. We spent two days in Naxxramas in our first week and cleared all 4 wings. The vast majority of bosses were dead in either one or two attempts and none of them gave us any real challenge.

Since we had such an easy time during our first week, we decided that we'd repeat the experience the following week while we farmed for frost resistance gear for Sapphiron, who we figured we would focus on in our 3rd week in Naxxramas.

Week 2: Thursday saw us with an impromptu Archavon kill, followed with a quick clear of the Arachnid Quarter. That left us with Saturday and Monday planned to clear the rest of the quarters and work on Sapphiron. On Saturday night, we headed back into Naxxramas and the carnage promptly ensued. We cleared the remaining quarters and found ourselves on Sapphiron's doorstep with a modest amount of frost resistance gear since we had planned to work on her the following week. Still, since we're suckers for punishment, we decided to give her a couple of learning attempts.

Roughly 45 minutes later, she hit the floor and we wandered off to take a look at Kel'thuzad. For a fight with such an challenging reputation from the original WoW, he was sadly disappointing as we banished him in an easy two-shot.

Here's hoping that Malygos and Sartheron are more challenging!
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