Author Topic: Sartharion downed; Secretly a bear in disguise?  (Read 3542 times)


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Sartharion downed; Secretly a bear in disguise?
« on: December 16, 2008, 12:46:00 AM »
Once we'd cleared Naxxramas, we decided to focus on the remaining WotLK raid content, which we had previously left untouched. That took us to the Obsidian Sanctum, home of Sartharion of the Black Dragonflight.

A couple of us had fought him before in PuG 25-man raids and reported back that he was incredibly easy, and as a guild, we can confirm that this was right. There were only 8 of us available for a raid, so we decided to kill all the drakes before engaging him. Trivial doesn't even to describe it, as we promptly one-shot him and distributed his loot as off-spec pieces.

Unfortunately, this killpic is not from the first kill, but from the second kill, which had only 7 players (1 healer). On the first kill, we discovered he was secretly a bear in disguise!!

...okay, we had actually left the instance after our first kill of Sartharion and were half of us to Coldarra before we realized that we'd forgotten to take a screenshot. So, until we could get a picture of him dead, we offered the above picture of a "slain" bear. Or, if you're picky about including a corpse, Kae offered this alternate kill pic:

This only leaves Malygos as the potential redeeming factor of the WotLK 10-man raiding environment available at launch and we've already taken him to Phase 2 with 8 people. C'mon Blizzard, give us a challenge!

In further news, On December 23rd, Vortex, and a few friends in Sovereignty killed 25 man Sartharion with only 13 people. News and screenshot is to be added soon. Our web mistress is busy with holiday cheer!
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