Author Topic: Malygos defeated; Champion of the Frozen Waste titles secured!  (Read 3767 times)


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Back for our second raid night after the holidays, we decided to actually put some legitimate time on Malygos, supposedly the pinnacle of the WotLK entry-level raids. We had spent a bit of time on him one day during the holidays and took him to Phase 2 with 8 people, so we knew the basics and it was only a matter of practice before he hit the floor.

We did have to step out to go practice the Aces High! daily quest to make sure everyone knew how to handle their drakes in Phase 3, but by then we were breezing through the first 2 phases with little difficulty. It wasn't many attempts after that we got our rhythm down and knocked Malygos out of the sky!

That kill earned the majority of our raiders their "Champions of the Frozen Wastes" achivement, so to celebrate we took 12 people to kill the 25-man version of Sartharion. That resulted in an easy one-shot in which we shaved a minute off our old kill time while taking one less person to kill him.

Our next goal: multi-drake Sartharion!
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