Author Topic: Sartharion with 2 Drakes up defeated; first 10-man guild on Turalyon to do so  (Read 3056 times)


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After our kill of Malygos back in January, we've been spending some time filling out our ranks and focusing on a far more difficult challenge (although, to be fair, Malygos still does give us fits and starts at times): Sartharion with multiple drakes still alive.

10-man Sartharion with 3 drakes still alive is without question the toughest fight currently in the game and many 25-man guilds kitted out in all iLevel 213 gear can't do it, so we decided to first focus on the slightly less lofty goal of killing him with 2 drakes still alive.

After we became familiar with the fight and how the pieces worked together, we started our regular process of experimenting to see what worked best for us. We tried out different positions for pretty much every part of the fight, different group compositions, taking portals vs. not taking portals, etc. It's a tough fight requiring high sustained healing and DPS along with a great deal of coordination and individual precision.

Needless to say, we have those things and we showed it this past Sunday when we finally achieved our task and slaughtered Sartharion and his two minions. This kill makes us the first 10-man guild on Turalyon to accomplish this feat and indeed one of few Turalyon guilds overall that has done it. Well done all!

You can find a video of the kill here:;13435554;/fileinfo.html
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