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Review: 13Nov-19Nov
« on: November 09, 2018, 06:47:36 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 4/8 or more. Defeat Fetid Devourer. Make progress on Zul.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Funkyhunter went to vote after Tuesday's raid. Continue to give feedback for Krea and Jadebelles. Interview on Thursday at 7pm EST for Xyriel (Rogue).
  • Funky's trial was confirmed into the raid team, congratulations and welcome to the team!
  • Raid for the following week's Thursday will be cancelled due to the holiday.
  • In an effort to streamline applications and provide a quicker timeline to potential recruits, the application has been shortened to a few of the key questions, with the removed questions being transitioned into the interview area.

Tuesday Review:
We've reached the beginning of our goal, to go 4/8M on our Tuesday reset. Excellent work guys, we 5 pulled Zek'Voz and 4 pulled Vectis. Excellent work. Let's hit Fetid hard on Thursday and get a kill so we can mess around with Zul.

Thursday Review:
Excellent work everyone! We walked into Fetid's room, looked at his ugly mug and said "Hey man, you know you're really not a cool guy!" Then we one shot him! Awesome awesome job, and we made phase 2 on Zul just a few hours later. Truly amazing raid night, easily the best we have had this tier. Keep up the great work, try to get your hands on some augment runes for Monday, and whatever you can to get your character stronger for Monday's pulls. We've got a real shot at killing Zul on Monday, but at the very least, we've already surpassed all goals for the week! Great job everyone!

Monday Review:
Really good work so far on Zul. Much more consistency in reaching phase 2, giving us some solid opportunities to progress that phase as well. Things to improve on for next time; cc timings, unnecessary crawg damage, tank transition survival, and crawg numbers. Progression value to beat for Zul: 17%

Overview of Previous Week:
We came out strong for Tuesday, only requiring 6 pulls on Zek'voz. Vectis gave us a lot of trouble however, requiring 22 pulls to earn our second kill. Still though, we were able to get a hearty one and a half nights of progression in on Fetid which went very very well overall. Areas that we did well on between Vectis and Fetid was our overall damage and healing. DPS over the course of last week was superb, along with our healing team performing just as well, occasionally having to heal some very poor mechanical plays and basically just saving the day.

Areas that we struggled with, and perhaps have been struggling with for some time without noticing, was in consumable usage and also in common issues like mechanical failures and some general fight preparedness. Improvements were made in the consumable issue, but we still have plenty of room to do better. Everyone should get more used to using a healthstone every attempt at some point when you can. There are instances where you can go through a fight without using one because you got lucky with targeting, but overall, there should be some point where you can use it and still get the full benefit. Health potions are the same thing here, just additional healing you have access to for situations where you may need to assist the healers.
Usage of damage potions was also an issue, and while relatively irrelevant on our farm bosses at this stage, they still give us an edge on reaching our progression fights faster. Using both the prepot and regular pot are raiding requirements for all non-farm bosses, with farm bosses requiring the use of at least 1 pot. Farm bosses are defined as any boss that we can kill within 5 pulls. Zek'voz still remains a "progression" boss for us, so you should be double potting for him, Vectis, and of course Fetid.

Mechanical failures were addressed individually with parties responsible, as per our usual raiding policy, however fight preparedness was lacking. Some questions were asked along with several demonstrations by raiders of simply not having researched the fight, or not having retained what was done on previous raid nights on Fetid. That is not proper and we expect everyone to be prepared this week. Some strategic changes that were made to accommodate some problems were:

Fetid Devourer Strat Changes
  • Ranged and Healers never stand between the boss and the adds, because of stomps and melee movement.
  • Ranged and Healers finding a spot to return to each pull and after each set of adds to achieve more consistent positioning.
  • Achieving more consistent boss positioning with better pull timers and utilizing both sides of the room if necessary.
  • Cooldowns first adds, 2nd potions second adds, lust and cooldowns third adds.
  • Boss damage is largely irrelevant, as soon as the adds start spawning, ranged and healers should start positioning themselves for adds instead of the boss.
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