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Review: 20Nov-26Nov
« on: November 20, 2018, 11:57:30 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 5/8. Defeat Zul. Make progress on Mythrax.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Raid for this week's Thursday will be cancelled due to the holiday.
  • In an effort to streamline applications and provide a quicker timeline to potential recruits, the application has been shortened to a few of the key questions, with the removed questions being transitioned into the interview area.
  • Two interviews were scheduled for Sunday for Dory (Frost DK) and Kirby (S Priest).
  • Congratulations to Jadebelles on making it through her trial period!
  • Interviews happened for Kibystomp (S Priest) and Dory (F Death Knight). Get Feedback in on them!

Tuesday Review:
Made it back to Fetid, however we had a rough go on Zek'Voz and early on Vectis. Let's try to improve on that in the future. Vectis pulls culminated in our cleanest kill yet though, which was good to see. Didn't get too many pulls in on Fetid, but we did reach lust phase on our last pull of the night, which is promising for a quick kill on Monday.

Thursday Review:
I make the best stuffing on the planet and is non-negotiable however I hope the rest of you each enjoy the things that you make the best of. Happy holiday, if you pop on later in the evening we will probably be doing some stuff, but enjoy the night off!

Monday Review:
Really quick kill on Fetid, good job. Unfortunately we were stuck with a suboptimal comp for Zul and worked on the slowboi strat. Primary changes were killing the first set of Bloodhexers one at a time, in the order of "Bloodhexer, Crusher, Bloodhexer." We saw rapid results with this strategy despite the composition, with our best pull of the night coming in at 6%! Nice work with the limited amount of time we had this week, let's keep it up through December until 8.1!

Overview of Previous Week:
It will be tough to follow up our best raid week so far in Uldir, but we have proven it to be doable by one shotting Fetid last week. Really proud of the effort we showed during last weeks raid, clearing all 4 of the first bosses and then following up Thursday with a Fetid one shot to give us major time to progress on Zul. Zul has been going by very quickly as well, getting as close as a 17% wipe on one pull. Just a really great week, so let's keep having them!

Things to try to improve on:
  • Let's get cleaner kills on our farm bosses, especially Zek'Voz this week. Last week's was sloppy.
  • Let's put Vectis on farm this week with a kill in under 5 pulls. Same thing as Zek'Voz though as well, I'd really like to see us get a clean kill on him.
  • Another quick kill on Fetid would be heavenly, I think we can all agree on that.
  • Continue with the rigorous health and dps pot usage (and healthstones). We know it costs a hefty chunk of gold but we have generous guildmates who are going above and beyond to undercut AH prices. Use them!

Specific Improvements to Zul Progression:
  • Work to be better with CCs, consumable usage, and dispels.
  • Work to improve on minimizing damage to the first set of crawgs.
  • Come back to Zul better prepared. Everyone should know the fight by now, we are in kill mode. There were questions asked that demonstrated a lack of research on the boss.

Start Researching Mythrax and G'huun if You Haven't Already!
We will be there before you know it!
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