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Vortex Raiding Orientation!
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:58:37 PM »
Intro to Vortex Raiding

Hello and congratulations! If you are reading this, then we at Vortex are happy with what we have seen from you so far and would like to invite you for a 2 week trial period with the raid team!

Under normal circumstances, your trial period will begin on the next upcoming weekly Tuesday reset. To ensure that you are at maximum preparedness and have the most fair chance at earning a spot on our team (Vortex are equal opportunity pillagers), we want to give you all the essential raid information here in an easily accessible place. Please note that this is a brief overview, and a more extensive list of our raiding standards and policies can be found on the forums, in the links provided at the end of this document.

Let’s jump right in then!

Being a three night raid guild, ensuring that we know who will and won’t be online for a particular raid night is very important. To notify other raiders and primarily the Officers of your absence from a raid, we have two places for that information to be posted. The first is the Planned Schedule Conflicts thread on our website forums. This is for a prolonged or future absence that you have a prepared knowledge of, for example knowing you would miss a raid more than 2 or 3 days in advance. The second spot is the Calendar-Absences channel on our Discord. This is for posting about unplanned absences or lateness (make sure to ping @Officer when you post here), mostly day-of type situations. We hold trials to the same standards as our raiders, and only require 67% attendance (but more definitely doesn’t hurt).

We have a general raid structure that is managed by our Raid Leader and Raid Officer. When it comes down to decision making, these two players have the final say, but always consider any feedback or ideas of the raiders, trials included. You are encouraged to speak up if you have an idea that may make a fight easier for us to defeat. Our environment is very lax outside of boss pulls, so join in on the banter, ask questions, and start getting to know people. The more members you connect with, the more people you have fighting for you in your application thread!

Raid Preparation:
Generally, we expect all raiders and trials to have fully researched each of the fights in the current scope of our raid group. This includes any and all farm bosses, our current progression boss, and the next 2 bosses on the list. This gives us the opportunity to move on to the next 2 fights if we have a really good night and randomly one shot some progression fights. We also expect you to be prepared with any consumables you might need, such as health potions, dps potions, flasks, food, etc. Please reach out to the Raid Officer or your Role Leader to ask about this though, as eventually during each tier, we are able to provide feasts and cauldrons and such, so you may not have to blow too much gold for this. The last piece of coming raid prepared is through our addons, where each raider is required to have a Boss Mods program of their choice, WeakAuras, and Angry Assignments. Please coordinate with the Raid Officer to be sent the necessary WeakAuras prior to your first raid!

Please try to be online a few minutes early for your first trial night to meet with the Raiding Officer and/or your Role Leader!
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