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Review: 27Nov-03Dec
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:38:30 PM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 5/8. Defeat Zul. Make progress on Mythrax.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory started their trials. Keep an eye on them and provide feedback on their respective threads.
  • Krea's final trial night was Thursday so please get your last minute feedback in on her application and vote!
  • Don't forget about the newest edition of the Vortex 50/50 Raffle! Talk to Torque in-game or via Discord for the details!
  • Research G'huun so that you will have a better understanding once we figure out which strategy we are going to use!

Tuesday Review:
We made it successfully through all of our non-progression bosses, including a very quick kill on Fetid. We had some trouble on Vectis again, so let's try to clear that up for future pulls. We could have gotten some real nice progression on Zul with a Vectis kill in fewer pulls. Overall though, still a very very solid night, went 5/8M on Tuesday which is a new personal best for us. Now we will have 100% of Thursday's raid to work on Zul, and we should see a quick kill based on our recent progression. Great job everyone!

Thursday Review:
Hell yeah guys! Nice job on Zul carving out a solid 4th pull kill for ourselves! One thing to note, we continued to use the slow strategy where we kill the first set of bloodhexers, and it worked out wonderfully as we saw. Still keep the cheese strat in the backs of your minds though, as we will likely use that in the future. Onwards to Mythrax progression we go! We made some solid progression through to the first intermission, which is especially great because this is a classic rinse and repeat style fight, meaning we've almost seen everything.

Monday Review:
Mythrax progression chugged along steadily, seeing us to an impressive 46% after the first full night of work on him. Really proud of the numbers I've been seeing so far from everyone for that fight. Let's keep up the good work! Notable strategy changes for the night were keeping the tanks in a static location such that dps stop getting hit by Essence Shear, and additionally, assigning areas of the room to specific ranged dps and healers so that we optimally utilize the room available. We also forwent the idea in intermission of spawning adds, rushing to blue for the beam, and then rushing back to dps them faster. It was found easier to simply use the heroic strategy and accompany the first laser with a solar beam or stuns.

Overview of Previous Week:
We had a tough time on Zek'Voz last week, which could use some improvements. We had a clean Vectis kill, so let's see more of that and really nail down the execution on that boss. Zul progression had us see the lowest percent we have gotten so far, at a measly 6%! We are so very close to reaching Mythrax. Major update to our Zul strategy happened as well, which got us to this new best progression. Instead of cheesing the fight for only one set of bloodhexers, we elected to fight proper and kill the first set of hexers, while ccing the second set. This gave us a lot more control, however our phase 1 was elongated by a bit. Because we are no longer cheesing, damage on crawgs is irrelevant, and we are free to kill them if we have to, however it is important to note that we are still trying to push Zul ASAP, and you should still be focusing on your single target dps! All in all though, really excellent work. Only 6% on about the third night of real progression is superb, let's kill it next week!

Start Researching G'huun if you haven't already!
We will be there before you know it!
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Re: Review: 27Nov-03Dec
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2018, 10:47:05 AM »
Do we know what attendence is looking like rogue wise? Should we plan to do the rogue cheese or the kill crawgs strat?