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Review: 04Dec-10Dec
« on: December 04, 2018, 06:58:29 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 6/8 with a cleaner Vectis kill. Defeat Mythrax. Enjoy a night off or an early call raid night before the slogfest of extended-lockouts to G'huun.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory remain on their trials. Keep an eye on them and provide feedback on their respective threads.
  • Interview with Eyons was scheduled for Tuesday before raid. This could be our last farm week, so get feedback in on him fast as we want to potentially start his trial tonight!
  • Don't forget about the newest edition of the Vortex 50/50 Raffle! Talk to Torque in-game or via Discord for the details!
  • Research G'huun so that you will have a better understanding once we figure out which strategy we are going to use!
  • We accelerated the vote after Eyons' interview, of which he got rave reviews, allowing us to jump-start his trial Tuesday night for farm. Please get feedback in on him!

Tuesday Review:
Let's gooooooooooooooo nice job on farm bosses guys! One shot Taloc, obviously, but one shots on Vectis and Zek'Voz with our cleanest kills yet was superb. We changed some things up on Taloc, lusting at the end, and on Zek'Voz with who gets the orbs. We also ran some new ideas on Fetid and burned the boss through an entire full set of adds earlier, so great job all around. This gave a number of our raiders a chance to get some more competitive parses on their records, which was definitely a success. It also gave us some cleaner kills and generally better play from everyone, so it's likely these changes will remain in the future. That being said though, Fetid was a bit sloppy, despite the extra melee, so let's try to keep the pull count on that boss down if we see it again. That being said, because we got pulls in on Zul this Tuesday, that is still an improvement over last week so awesome job guys.

Thursday Review:
We had hoped to get Zul down quickly, but it has so far proven troublesome getting our second kill on him. We had issues in a variety of areas that could all use some improvement, such as healing in general, dispels, crawg damage/killing, and add management. Other areas of the fight saw issues as well, so let's just bring our A-game on Monday and scoop up a second Zul kill.

Monday Review:
Excellent job making quick work of Zul with a stylish one shot, giving us a full night of progression on Mythrax. Obviously, the reason we hadn't killed Zul before was because we were missing Gronnsbane, Sunny, Bowz, or one of the other people who made that comment. As for Mythrax, we ended the night on a high note, reaching our best pull yet at the 34% marker for the final transmission phase of the fight. We are getting very close to a kill. Things to work on for him is definitely positioning throughout the fight, DK grips, big add movement in intermission, and standing on the damn rock lol. Overall really good work slogging through that progression to see some real nice results at the end.

Overview of Previous Week:
Sorry to keep being so demanding guys, but since I implemented these Raid Reviews, you all have met every single weekly goal I have set before you. So naturally, I'm asking for more this week. Last week we went 5/8M on Tuesday, which was great, however we struggled a good deal on Vectis, and given that we killed Zul in only 4 pulls on Thursday, that tells me that 6/8M after Tuesday raid is absolutely possible! Let's put out our best numbers and reach that goal, we can definitely kill Mythrax this week! Our top Mythrax pull last week was 46%, let's see some phase three and get a kill in guys!

Start Researching G'huun if you haven't already!
We will be there before you know it!
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Re: Review: 04Dec-10Dec
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 12:46:26 PM »
Be sure to get health pots for Mythrax coming out of intermission seems a bit hectic help your healers!