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Review: 11Dec - 17Dec
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:23:10 AM »
Goals: Extend to defeat Mythrax, and get some real progress on G'huun.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory passed their trials and made it to the raid team! Congratulations!
  • Eyons went to vote after Monday's raid, get your last minute feedback in on him and vote!
  • Our friend Bumblebeezee needs to step down from raiding, we will miss him but you should still see him around online!
  • We have promoted Philnye to the Tanking Role Leader! Congrats and our condolences!
  • Our beloved Melee Role Lead Litto needs to step down from the responsibilities of Role Leader, so the nomination process has begun!
  • Leafy has passed his class swap into Limes, his hunter!

Tuesday Review:
Battle was met with the penultimate boss of Uldir, Handsome Squidward. The champions of Vortex proved victorious! Amazing work killing Mythrax in just under 2 hours! We are right on track for CE so keep up the great work guys and we will see this ulgy slug, a slugly if you will, die well before we have to go throw ourselves against Jaina's impenetrable plot armor! Really, great job!

Thursday Review:
Had an early release night tonight, but great work so far on G'huun P1. We got nice practice in on the orb runners, and discovered the areas we need to clean up. Namely, that's infested spawn damage, interrupting terrors, and dodging explosive corruption orbs.

Monday Review:
Lots of G'huun practice tonight, nice work guys. We made it to phase two a few times, but just need to clean up some things like meatballs, infested spawn kiting, and others. Once we clean up phase one we can start hitting phase 2 really hard. Good job guys.

Overview of Previous Week:
We didn't make the goal last week of 6/8M on Tuesday, so let's try for that again. We still showed improvement though, getting some clean kills on the tougher farm bosses and getting some Zul pulls in on Tuesday night. We struggled a lot on Zul throughout Thursday for a variety of reasons, but it lead to a juicy Monday night one shot, giving us a full night of progression on Mythrax. Mythrax progression went along smoothly more or less. We need to work on positioning, DK grips, stabilizing out of the transition phases, and big squidward movement during intermissions. We made it to the final intermission phase last night at 34%, so with a little cleaning up, we can secure a nice lookin kill on this boss.
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