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Review: 18Dec - 24Dec
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:47:52 PM »
Goals: Farm Week for the holidays.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • An Eyons made it to the raid team! The cycle of WoW can be cruel.
  • Our beloved Melee Role Lead Litto needs to step down from the responsibilities of Role Leader, so the nomination process has begun!
  • Krushuh started his trial this week, get feedback in on him!
  • No raid planned for Christmas Eve or Christmas, have a great holidays and be safe!

Tuesday Review:
Started off a bit bumpy figuring out who to bring, as several alts that may be useful on G'huun were shuffled in to try to get a bit of an advantage off these two farm weeks surrounding the holidays. Overall, I thought the play ability of the alt raiders was very impressive and I liked what I saw. As for the general raid night, the majority of the displeasure comes from Fetid. We had a real tough time on this boss for a number of reasons. Our new tank Krushuh did not realize that he was muted for a large portion of the night, which is something our new tank role lead or healing role lead should have noticed sooner. As for the DPS, don't think you are getting off scott-free either because positioning on Fetid was extremely poor. People were moving WAY too much, and not returning to their spots after mechanics forced them to move. We need to be better at remembering the mechanics and strategies we use on each boss during times where we extend, in case we have a farm week like this. That being said, we did try something new on Mother, which did not work. A little more preparation next time and we can run the shotgun strat, but honestly we might just not bother. Zek'voz went well, nothing to speak about on that boss in particular, however on the trash we managed to kill zero raiders, not even our new trial who got the first mind control. We need to do better here. Vectis was a quick kill, a bit messy at the end but who cares it died fast. Be prepared for Zul and Mythrax on Thursday, we would really like to see a Mythrax rekill and another Zul death.

Thursday Review:
Bumpy run on our boy, the Yung Muni OG Zul. But we got him, and also came really close to rekilling Mythrax, despite Baja's best efforts to be a shit healer. In the end though, Baja won, and we didn't get to loot Squidward for the second time. That's ok though, we still accomplished everything we set out to do this week, a Mythrax rekill was not expected. Really happy with the few of those phase 3 pulls we got though. Good job guys.

Monday Review:

Overview of Previous Week:
We ate Mythrax's lunch on the first night of the week, earning our first kill on him. We had an early release night Thursday, and spent most of Thursday and Monday practicing G'huun phase one. We reached phase two a few times, but didn't get very far. Still really proud of what we have accomplished so far, keep it up guys!
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