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Review: 01Jan - 07Jan
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:52:37 AM »
Goals: Clear farm bosses on Tuesday. Mythrax dead before Monday's raid. Back to G'huun progression until we kill.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • We hope that everyone had an excellent and safe couple of holidays!
  • The time has come for a new round of the Vortex Guild Rank Battle Royale!
  • Our friend Erolith will be switching to a new role for the coming raid, and as such, the process for shackling a new Ranged Role Leader to the guild has begun!
  • Echo has begun his trial, so get your feedback in on him please!

Tuesday Review:
Had a smooth night to start, we attempted the Shotgun Mother strat again and failed again so we will no longer be doing that ever. We did not wipe though so that was good. Vectis gave us HUGE problems though, taking us a full hour to kill him. Overall, everything else went down relatively quickly, but not with enough time to get a pull or kill in on Zul. Definitely need to improve our mindset and focus on farm bosses going forward. We will not be clearing farm anymore in Uldir, however it is important to be ready for that to be a very important aspect of Dazar'alor.

Thursday Review:
Zul took a bit longer than we had hoped, but each pull was close to a kill, we just needed a little bit cleaner of a phase 2 run. Our kill still ended up sloppy, with only about 4 or 5 people alive for it. This somewhat reiterates the point above about being in a focused mindset even for farm bosses. Always playing to the best of our abilities will help us progress faster and reach out goals together, so we need everyone to do their best to always bring their A game. Mythrax, sadly, was not our A game. While we did reach final transition phase twice, each pull was messy, with numerous deaths to Obliteration Blasts and a lot of extra mind controls. We need to show big improvement on Monday to get a rekill on him and get us back to G'huun.

Monday Review:
Relatively quick rekill on Mythrax in only 9 pulls so good work everyone. As for G'huun, we got a lot of solid work in polishing up phase 1, and getting almost everyone who runs orbs to see how it's done. We are however still struggling in the phase 2 transition, and all of our pulls so far that we have reached the origination blast phase have ended in a roughly 95% wipe. We will need to discover what is the cause of that issue.

Overview of Previous Week:
We held no official raids for the last week due to both Christmas and New Year's Eve falling on raid nights. Still though on Thursday we managed to fill our missing spots with some PuGs for an optional raid night with some alts, and still made it to a relatively smooth 4/8M clear in just shy of 2 hours.
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