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Review: 08Jan - 14Jan
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:09:18 PM »
Goals: G'huun progression until we kill it.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • The time has come for a new round of the Vortex Guild Rank Battle Royale!
  • Don't forget to ask the candidates for Ranged Role Leader whatever questions you deem fit, and then vote!
  • Echo has begun his trial, so get your feedback in on him please!
  • Shine's trial is being delayed until either we need him in for G'huun due to attendance, or the new raid launches. This will give him the fairest shot, and it allows us to maintain as consistent of a team comp as we can.

Tuesday Review:
We got a lot of time spent on G'huun tonight but by the end of the raid we made little progress. We still have not seen a phase 2 beam, and there are a lot of things contributing to that. Orb running is still not perfect and it needs to be, we have been progressing on the fight for far too long for us to not have orb running down, especially the solo runners. People are also still getting hit by meatballs and worms, both of which are unacceptable. Sometimes you have to get hit by a meatball, it happens, but there is no excuse for being hit by worms, we need to be better at kiting. When we reach phase 2, communication is still lacking, especially in regard to soaking the bursting boils. Even after we organized the 4 demon hunters to soak the first set, Gale was the only one who actually called which one she was soaking. We also had a lot of people who were not soaking trying to make callouts, which needs to stop. It is not helpful. A lot of improvements need to be made and we don't have a lot of time to make them. People need to be watching videos for this fight on an ongoing basis. Numerous questions were asked last night that indicated individuals were completely unprepared. To those of you who know were less prepared than you should have been, fix it. You will find no free ride to CE here. G'huun requires every member of the group to do their jobs at the right times and to be prepared ahead of time for it. Move your boss mod bars to somewhere that you can see them. You should know that after the first Phase 2 Wave of Corruption, you can stack in melee for the Blood Feast. People need to get on board with the timings of the fight. Watch streamers' videos for your spec's point of view. Discuss things on the forum thread for G'huun. Everyone should watch the Preach video I linked there, or something similar. We get Cutting Edge if you all want it, but we have to earn it.

Thursday Review:
Some nice work was had tonight. We have progressed farther than any previous night and even made it to the timing that would have us achieve the first phase 2 Reorigination Blast. Our strategy works, it just requires a slight bit of tuning according to our group's needs, which we all saw as ongoing work being done throughout the night with changing soak group order and sticking to six people in the small Blood Feasts. What we need from all of you though is to maintain the focus, drive, and play that we saw in the better part of the night. Some struggling issues with orb runners were addressed, and those relevant parties didn't miss another orb the rest of the night. Issues with our first team not having one of their orb running abilities was solved by having two non-runners throw the orbs to Team 1. All other changes are updated in the AA, and will continue as we progress further and further through the fight. Last night's raid was a good night on G'huun, but we can definitely do better. Continue watching videos to hone your comprehension, but for the sake of consistency the strategy at large will not be changing from here unless our group composition is incapable of utilizing it, which we can only know by reaching that point in the fight. I encourage everyone to watch a gratuitous amount of videos regarding phase 3 and how to deal with the overlapping mechanics during that point of the fight. Good work last night guys, let's keep it up and see some phase 2 lasers on Monday!

Monday Review:
We made it officially to the first Phase 2 Origination Beam. Unfortunately though, that was all we made it to, and we only made it there twice. Progression remained inconsistent and the same usual problems were occurring. We elected to put the plans for next week's raiding to vote within the guild for you all to decide what you wanted to do in the final week of Uldir, considering we did not reach the level of progression on the boss that justified continuing progression with only one remaining week.

Overview of Previous Week:
We cleared all of our farm last week and got almost a full night of G'huun progression in. Good work everyone. It's crunch time now though, as we push for CE. It will not be easy, G'huun is a frustrating boss to progress on for a number of reasons, but I am confident we can stick it out and achieve our goal! We have had a lot of practice on phase one and I would say we have it down at this point. It's time to buckle down for phase 2.
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