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Review: 15Jan - 21Jan
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:39:01 AM »
Goals: Farm bosses in 1-2 nights.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Your votes were not heard! The confusing guild ranks were censored and we are now Dinosaurs instead!
  • Congratulations to our newest Ranged Role Leader, Warbus!
  • Echo, Shine, and Puzzlit remain on their trials so please get feedback on them this week!
  • Battle for Dazar'alor begins next lockout, make sure to read up on the fights, have them thoroughly researched and complete any raid requirements you may not have done yet!

Tuesday Review:
Our best farm night of the raid tier, which is not so much a compliment as it is an expected outcome. Still, we cleared through Zul relatively quick, with Vectis still giving us a bit of trouble. All in all, it was a successful night.

Thursday Review:
Minor problems with Mythrax, but overall we got him pretty quick. We enjoyed an extra hour off from raid to meander about the Great Seal lol,

Monday Review:
Vortex Dazar'alor Movie Night is planned! Be there or be square! Or maybe circle or diamond. Hope you watched vids on your own time so you know what you have to do with that marker!

Overview of Previous Week:
We had better progression on G'huun last week, but we just simply didn't make it to the level of progression that we needed to be at to justify spending our last week on him. Overall though, 7/8M is not a bad wrap for Uldir for us. What we need to look at is where we can improve for Dazar'alor. It is my belief that the biggest concerns we had in Uldir amounted to the level of preparedness for the raid overall, and equally as hurtful to our progression was the mindset when clearing farm bosses. I want to remind everyone that just because we have killed a boss before does not make it any easier to do so again, and if you want to continue reclearing slain bosses for titanforges, azerite, and weapons, we still need to play our best and kill them quickly so that they do not hinder our progression.