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Uldir / Review: 15Jan - 21Jan
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:39:01 AM »
Goals: Farm bosses in 1-2 nights.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Your votes were not heard! The confusing guild ranks were censored and we are now Dinosaurs instead!
  • Congratulations to our newest Ranged Role Leader, Warbus!
  • Echo, Shine, and Puzzlit remain on their trials so please get feedback on them this week!
  • Battle for Dazar'alor begins next lockout, make sure to read up on the fights, have them thoroughly researched and complete any raid requirements you may not have done yet!

Tuesday Review:
Our best farm night of the raid tier, which is not so much a compliment as it is an expected outcome. Still, we cleared through Zul relatively quick, with Vectis still giving us a bit of trouble. All in all, it was a successful night.

Thursday Review:
Minor problems with Mythrax, but overall we got him pretty quick. We enjoyed an extra hour off from raid to meander about the Great Seal lol,

Monday Review:
Vortex Dazar'alor Movie Night is planned! Be there or be square! Or maybe circle or diamond. Hope you watched vids on your own time so you know what you have to do with that marker!

Overview of Previous Week:
We had better progression on G'huun last week, but we just simply didn't make it to the level of progression that we needed to be at to justify spending our last week on him. Overall though, 7/8M is not a bad wrap for Uldir for us. What we need to look at is where we can improve for Dazar'alor. It is my belief that the biggest concerns we had in Uldir amounted to the level of preparedness for the raid overall, and equally as hurtful to our progression was the mindset when clearing farm bosses. I want to remind everyone that just because we have killed a boss before does not make it any easier to do so again, and if you want to continue reclearing slain bosses for titanforges, azerite, and weapons, we still need to play our best and kill them quickly so that they do not hinder our progression.

Uldir / Review: 08Jan - 14Jan
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:09:18 PM »
Goals: G'huun progression until we kill it.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • The time has come for a new round of the Vortex Guild Rank Battle Royale!
  • Don't forget to ask the candidates for Ranged Role Leader whatever questions you deem fit, and then vote!
  • Echo has begun his trial, so get your feedback in on him please!
  • Shine's trial is being delayed until either we need him in for G'huun due to attendance, or the new raid launches. This will give him the fairest shot, and it allows us to maintain as consistent of a team comp as we can.

Tuesday Review:
We got a lot of time spent on G'huun tonight but by the end of the raid we made little progress. We still have not seen a phase 2 beam, and there are a lot of things contributing to that. Orb running is still not perfect and it needs to be, we have been progressing on the fight for far too long for us to not have orb running down, especially the solo runners. People are also still getting hit by meatballs and worms, both of which are unacceptable. Sometimes you have to get hit by a meatball, it happens, but there is no excuse for being hit by worms, we need to be better at kiting. When we reach phase 2, communication is still lacking, especially in regard to soaking the bursting boils. Even after we organized the 4 demon hunters to soak the first set, Gale was the only one who actually called which one she was soaking. We also had a lot of people who were not soaking trying to make callouts, which needs to stop. It is not helpful. A lot of improvements need to be made and we don't have a lot of time to make them. People need to be watching videos for this fight on an ongoing basis. Numerous questions were asked last night that indicated individuals were completely unprepared. To those of you who know were less prepared than you should have been, fix it. You will find no free ride to CE here. G'huun requires every member of the group to do their jobs at the right times and to be prepared ahead of time for it. Move your boss mod bars to somewhere that you can see them. You should know that after the first Phase 2 Wave of Corruption, you can stack in melee for the Blood Feast. People need to get on board with the timings of the fight. Watch streamers' videos for your spec's point of view. Discuss things on the forum thread for G'huun. Everyone should watch the Preach video I linked there, or something similar. We get Cutting Edge if you all want it, but we have to earn it.

Thursday Review:
Some nice work was had tonight. We have progressed farther than any previous night and even made it to the timing that would have us achieve the first phase 2 Reorigination Blast. Our strategy works, it just requires a slight bit of tuning according to our group's needs, which we all saw as ongoing work being done throughout the night with changing soak group order and sticking to six people in the small Blood Feasts. What we need from all of you though is to maintain the focus, drive, and play that we saw in the better part of the night. Some struggling issues with orb runners were addressed, and those relevant parties didn't miss another orb the rest of the night. Issues with our first team not having one of their orb running abilities was solved by having two non-runners throw the orbs to Team 1. All other changes are updated in the AA, and will continue as we progress further and further through the fight. Last night's raid was a good night on G'huun, but we can definitely do better. Continue watching videos to hone your comprehension, but for the sake of consistency the strategy at large will not be changing from here unless our group composition is incapable of utilizing it, which we can only know by reaching that point in the fight. I encourage everyone to watch a gratuitous amount of videos regarding phase 3 and how to deal with the overlapping mechanics during that point of the fight. Good work last night guys, let's keep it up and see some phase 2 lasers on Monday!

Monday Review:
We made it officially to the first Phase 2 Origination Beam. Unfortunately though, that was all we made it to, and we only made it there twice. Progression remained inconsistent and the same usual problems were occurring. We elected to put the plans for next week's raiding to vote within the guild for you all to decide what you wanted to do in the final week of Uldir, considering we did not reach the level of progression on the boss that justified continuing progression with only one remaining week.

Overview of Previous Week:
We cleared all of our farm last week and got almost a full night of G'huun progression in. Good work everyone. It's crunch time now though, as we push for CE. It will not be easy, G'huun is a frustrating boss to progress on for a number of reasons, but I am confident we can stick it out and achieve our goal! We have had a lot of practice on phase one and I would say we have it down at this point. It's time to buckle down for phase 2.

Uldir / Review: 01Jan - 07Jan
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:52:37 AM »
Goals: Clear farm bosses on Tuesday. Mythrax dead before Monday's raid. Back to G'huun progression until we kill.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • We hope that everyone had an excellent and safe couple of holidays!
  • The time has come for a new round of the Vortex Guild Rank Battle Royale!
  • Our friend Erolith will be switching to a new role for the coming raid, and as such, the process for shackling a new Ranged Role Leader to the guild has begun!
  • Echo has begun his trial, so get your feedback in on him please!

Tuesday Review:
Had a smooth night to start, we attempted the Shotgun Mother strat again and failed again so we will no longer be doing that ever. We did not wipe though so that was good. Vectis gave us HUGE problems though, taking us a full hour to kill him. Overall, everything else went down relatively quickly, but not with enough time to get a pull or kill in on Zul. Definitely need to improve our mindset and focus on farm bosses going forward. We will not be clearing farm anymore in Uldir, however it is important to be ready for that to be a very important aspect of Dazar'alor.

Thursday Review:
Zul took a bit longer than we had hoped, but each pull was close to a kill, we just needed a little bit cleaner of a phase 2 run. Our kill still ended up sloppy, with only about 4 or 5 people alive for it. This somewhat reiterates the point above about being in a focused mindset even for farm bosses. Always playing to the best of our abilities will help us progress faster and reach out goals together, so we need everyone to do their best to always bring their A game. Mythrax, sadly, was not our A game. While we did reach final transition phase twice, each pull was messy, with numerous deaths to Obliteration Blasts and a lot of extra mind controls. We need to show big improvement on Monday to get a rekill on him and get us back to G'huun.

Monday Review:
Relatively quick rekill on Mythrax in only 9 pulls so good work everyone. As for G'huun, we got a lot of solid work in polishing up phase 1, and getting almost everyone who runs orbs to see how it's done. We are however still struggling in the phase 2 transition, and all of our pulls so far that we have reached the origination blast phase have ended in a roughly 95% wipe. We will need to discover what is the cause of that issue.

Overview of Previous Week:
We held no official raids for the last week due to both Christmas and New Year's Eve falling on raid nights. Still though on Thursday we managed to fill our missing spots with some PuGs for an optional raid night with some alts, and still made it to a relatively smooth 4/8M clear in just shy of 2 hours.

Uldir / Review: Dec25 - Dec31
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:27:17 AM »
Goals: Farm Night for the holidays.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Congratulate and welcome Hambonebob to his new post as the Melee Role Leader! We apologize in advance!
  • No official raids planned for the week, have a great holidays and be safe!

Tuesday Review:
Some holiday cheer for my favorite gamers.

Thursday Review:
Attempts were made to host a farm night and possibly just pug the few spots we need to fill a 20 man group. Overall we had a few hiccups, but with a large number of PuGs and some alts and also carrying that dumpster fire of a demon hunter, we got through Vectis in just under 2 hours. Really happy with what we accomplished on a week where we otherwise would not have gotten to raid together.

Monday Review:
Let's take a moment to remember all the good times of 2018!

Overview of Previous Week:
With some majorly messy shenanigans going on with Fetid, we managed to clear through to Zul on Tuesday with some potentially useful alts present. On Thursday we cleared our way to Mythrax and almost got a rekill, which would have been awesome. Still happy with what we got done during a holiday week though. Let's clean up Fetid and try to get 6/8M this week, as we only have one raid night.

Uldir / Review: 18Dec - 24Dec
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:47:52 PM »
Goals: Farm Week for the holidays.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • An Eyons made it to the raid team! The cycle of WoW can be cruel.
  • Our beloved Melee Role Lead Litto needs to step down from the responsibilities of Role Leader, so the nomination process has begun!
  • Krushuh started his trial this week, get feedback in on him!
  • No raid planned for Christmas Eve or Christmas, have a great holidays and be safe!

Tuesday Review:
Started off a bit bumpy figuring out who to bring, as several alts that may be useful on G'huun were shuffled in to try to get a bit of an advantage off these two farm weeks surrounding the holidays. Overall, I thought the play ability of the alt raiders was very impressive and I liked what I saw. As for the general raid night, the majority of the displeasure comes from Fetid. We had a real tough time on this boss for a number of reasons. Our new tank Krushuh did not realize that he was muted for a large portion of the night, which is something our new tank role lead or healing role lead should have noticed sooner. As for the DPS, don't think you are getting off scott-free either because positioning on Fetid was extremely poor. People were moving WAY too much, and not returning to their spots after mechanics forced them to move. We need to be better at remembering the mechanics and strategies we use on each boss during times where we extend, in case we have a farm week like this. That being said, we did try something new on Mother, which did not work. A little more preparation next time and we can run the shotgun strat, but honestly we might just not bother. Zek'voz went well, nothing to speak about on that boss in particular, however on the trash we managed to kill zero raiders, not even our new trial who got the first mind control. We need to do better here. Vectis was a quick kill, a bit messy at the end but who cares it died fast. Be prepared for Zul and Mythrax on Thursday, we would really like to see a Mythrax rekill and another Zul death.

Thursday Review:
Bumpy run on our boy, the Yung Muni OG Zul. But we got him, and also came really close to rekilling Mythrax, despite Baja's best efforts to be a shit healer. In the end though, Baja won, and we didn't get to loot Squidward for the second time. That's ok though, we still accomplished everything we set out to do this week, a Mythrax rekill was not expected. Really happy with the few of those phase 3 pulls we got though. Good job guys.

Monday Review:

Overview of Previous Week:
We ate Mythrax's lunch on the first night of the week, earning our first kill on him. We had an early release night Thursday, and spent most of Thursday and Monday practicing G'huun phase one. We reached phase two a few times, but didn't get very far. Still really proud of what we have accomplished so far, keep it up guys!

Uldir / Review: 11Dec - 17Dec
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:23:10 AM »
Goals: Extend to defeat Mythrax, and get some real progress on G'huun.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory passed their trials and made it to the raid team! Congratulations!
  • Eyons went to vote after Monday's raid, get your last minute feedback in on him and vote!
  • Our friend Bumblebeezee needs to step down from raiding, we will miss him but you should still see him around online!
  • We have promoted Philnye to the Tanking Role Leader! Congrats and our condolences!
  • Our beloved Melee Role Lead Litto needs to step down from the responsibilities of Role Leader, so the nomination process has begun!
  • Leafy has passed his class swap into Limes, his hunter!

Tuesday Review:
Battle was met with the penultimate boss of Uldir, Handsome Squidward. The champions of Vortex proved victorious! Amazing work killing Mythrax in just under 2 hours! We are right on track for CE so keep up the great work guys and we will see this ulgy slug, a slugly if you will, die well before we have to go throw ourselves against Jaina's impenetrable plot armor! Really, great job!

Thursday Review:
Had an early release night tonight, but great work so far on G'huun P1. We got nice practice in on the orb runners, and discovered the areas we need to clean up. Namely, that's infested spawn damage, interrupting terrors, and dodging explosive corruption orbs.

Monday Review:
Lots of G'huun practice tonight, nice work guys. We made it to phase two a few times, but just need to clean up some things like meatballs, infested spawn kiting, and others. Once we clean up phase one we can start hitting phase 2 really hard. Good job guys.

Overview of Previous Week:
We didn't make the goal last week of 6/8M on Tuesday, so let's try for that again. We still showed improvement though, getting some clean kills on the tougher farm bosses and getting some Zul pulls in on Tuesday night. We struggled a lot on Zul throughout Thursday for a variety of reasons, but it lead to a juicy Monday night one shot, giving us a full night of progression on Mythrax. Mythrax progression went along smoothly more or less. We need to work on positioning, DK grips, stabilizing out of the transition phases, and big squidward movement during intermissions. We made it to the final intermission phase last night at 34%, so with a little cleaning up, we can secure a nice lookin kill on this boss.

Uldir / Review: 04Dec-10Dec
« on: December 04, 2018, 06:58:29 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 6/8 with a cleaner Vectis kill. Defeat Mythrax. Enjoy a night off or an early call raid night before the slogfest of extended-lockouts to G'huun.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory remain on their trials. Keep an eye on them and provide feedback on their respective threads.
  • Interview with Eyons was scheduled for Tuesday before raid. This could be our last farm week, so get feedback in on him fast as we want to potentially start his trial tonight!
  • Don't forget about the newest edition of the Vortex 50/50 Raffle! Talk to Torque in-game or via Discord for the details!
  • Research G'huun so that you will have a better understanding once we figure out which strategy we are going to use!
  • We accelerated the vote after Eyons' interview, of which he got rave reviews, allowing us to jump-start his trial Tuesday night for farm. Please get feedback in on him!

Tuesday Review:
Let's gooooooooooooooo nice job on farm bosses guys! One shot Taloc, obviously, but one shots on Vectis and Zek'Voz with our cleanest kills yet was superb. We changed some things up on Taloc, lusting at the end, and on Zek'Voz with who gets the orbs. We also ran some new ideas on Fetid and burned the boss through an entire full set of adds earlier, so great job all around. This gave a number of our raiders a chance to get some more competitive parses on their records, which was definitely a success. It also gave us some cleaner kills and generally better play from everyone, so it's likely these changes will remain in the future. That being said though, Fetid was a bit sloppy, despite the extra melee, so let's try to keep the pull count on that boss down if we see it again. That being said, because we got pulls in on Zul this Tuesday, that is still an improvement over last week so awesome job guys.

Thursday Review:
We had hoped to get Zul down quickly, but it has so far proven troublesome getting our second kill on him. We had issues in a variety of areas that could all use some improvement, such as healing in general, dispels, crawg damage/killing, and add management. Other areas of the fight saw issues as well, so let's just bring our A-game on Monday and scoop up a second Zul kill.

Monday Review:
Excellent job making quick work of Zul with a stylish one shot, giving us a full night of progression on Mythrax. Obviously, the reason we hadn't killed Zul before was because we were missing Gronnsbane, Sunny, Bowz, or one of the other people who made that comment. As for Mythrax, we ended the night on a high note, reaching our best pull yet at the 34% marker for the final transmission phase of the fight. We are getting very close to a kill. Things to work on for him is definitely positioning throughout the fight, DK grips, big add movement in intermission, and standing on the damn rock lol. Overall really good work slogging through that progression to see some real nice results at the end.

Overview of Previous Week:
Sorry to keep being so demanding guys, but since I implemented these Raid Reviews, you all have met every single weekly goal I have set before you. So naturally, I'm asking for more this week. Last week we went 5/8M on Tuesday, which was great, however we struggled a good deal on Vectis, and given that we killed Zul in only 4 pulls on Thursday, that tells me that 6/8M after Tuesday raid is absolutely possible! Let's put out our best numbers and reach that goal, we can definitely kill Mythrax this week! Our top Mythrax pull last week was 46%, let's see some phase three and get a kill in guys!

Start Researching G'huun if you haven't already!
We will be there before you know it!

Uldir / Review: 27Nov-03Dec
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:38:30 PM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 5/8. Defeat Zul. Make progress on Mythrax.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Kibystomp and Dory started their trials. Keep an eye on them and provide feedback on their respective threads.
  • Krea's final trial night was Thursday so please get your last minute feedback in on her application and vote!
  • Don't forget about the newest edition of the Vortex 50/50 Raffle! Talk to Torque in-game or via Discord for the details!
  • Research G'huun so that you will have a better understanding once we figure out which strategy we are going to use!

Tuesday Review:
We made it successfully through all of our non-progression bosses, including a very quick kill on Fetid. We had some trouble on Vectis again, so let's try to clear that up for future pulls. We could have gotten some real nice progression on Zul with a Vectis kill in fewer pulls. Overall though, still a very very solid night, went 5/8M on Tuesday which is a new personal best for us. Now we will have 100% of Thursday's raid to work on Zul, and we should see a quick kill based on our recent progression. Great job everyone!

Thursday Review:
Hell yeah guys! Nice job on Zul carving out a solid 4th pull kill for ourselves! One thing to note, we continued to use the slow strategy where we kill the first set of bloodhexers, and it worked out wonderfully as we saw. Still keep the cheese strat in the backs of your minds though, as we will likely use that in the future. Onwards to Mythrax progression we go! We made some solid progression through to the first intermission, which is especially great because this is a classic rinse and repeat style fight, meaning we've almost seen everything.

Monday Review:
Mythrax progression chugged along steadily, seeing us to an impressive 46% after the first full night of work on him. Really proud of the numbers I've been seeing so far from everyone for that fight. Let's keep up the good work! Notable strategy changes for the night were keeping the tanks in a static location such that dps stop getting hit by Essence Shear, and additionally, assigning areas of the room to specific ranged dps and healers so that we optimally utilize the room available. We also forwent the idea in intermission of spawning adds, rushing to blue for the beam, and then rushing back to dps them faster. It was found easier to simply use the heroic strategy and accompany the first laser with a solar beam or stuns.

Overview of Previous Week:
We had a tough time on Zek'Voz last week, which could use some improvements. We had a clean Vectis kill, so let's see more of that and really nail down the execution on that boss. Zul progression had us see the lowest percent we have gotten so far, at a measly 6%! We are so very close to reaching Mythrax. Major update to our Zul strategy happened as well, which got us to this new best progression. Instead of cheesing the fight for only one set of bloodhexers, we elected to fight proper and kill the first set of hexers, while ccing the second set. This gave us a lot more control, however our phase 1 was elongated by a bit. Because we are no longer cheesing, damage on crawgs is irrelevant, and we are free to kill them if we have to, however it is important to note that we are still trying to push Zul ASAP, and you should still be focusing on your single target dps! All in all though, really excellent work. Only 6% on about the third night of real progression is superb, let's kill it next week!

Start Researching G'huun if you haven't already!
We will be there before you know it!

Vortex Applications / Vortex Raiding Orientation!
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:58:37 PM »
Intro to Vortex Raiding

Hello and congratulations! If you are reading this, then we at Vortex are happy with what we have seen from you so far and would like to invite you for a 2 week trial period with the raid team!

Under normal circumstances, your trial period will begin on the next upcoming weekly Tuesday reset. To ensure that you are at maximum preparedness and have the most fair chance at earning a spot on our team (Vortex are equal opportunity pillagers), we want to give you all the essential raid information here in an easily accessible place. Please note that this is a brief overview, and a more extensive list of our raiding standards and policies can be found on the forums, in the links provided at the end of this document.

Let’s jump right in then!

Being a three night raid guild, ensuring that we know who will and won’t be online for a particular raid night is very important. To notify other raiders and primarily the Officers of your absence from a raid, we have two places for that information to be posted. The first is the Planned Schedule Conflicts thread on our website forums. This is for a prolonged or future absence that you have a prepared knowledge of, for example knowing you would miss a raid more than 2 or 3 days in advance. The second spot is the Calendar-Absences channel on our Discord. This is for posting about unplanned absences or lateness (make sure to ping @Officer when you post here), mostly day-of type situations. We hold trials to the same standards as our raiders, and only require 67% attendance (but more definitely doesn’t hurt).

We have a general raid structure that is managed by our Raid Leader and Raid Officer. When it comes down to decision making, these two players have the final say, but always consider any feedback or ideas of the raiders, trials included. You are encouraged to speak up if you have an idea that may make a fight easier for us to defeat. Our environment is very lax outside of boss pulls, so join in on the banter, ask questions, and start getting to know people. The more members you connect with, the more people you have fighting for you in your application thread!

Raid Preparation:
Generally, we expect all raiders and trials to have fully researched each of the fights in the current scope of our raid group. This includes any and all farm bosses, our current progression boss, and the next 2 bosses on the list. This gives us the opportunity to move on to the next 2 fights if we have a really good night and randomly one shot some progression fights. We also expect you to be prepared with any consumables you might need, such as health potions, dps potions, flasks, food, etc. Please reach out to the Raid Officer or your Role Leader to ask about this though, as eventually during each tier, we are able to provide feasts and cauldrons and such, so you may not have to blow too much gold for this. The last piece of coming raid prepared is through our addons, where each raider is required to have a Boss Mods program of their choice, WeakAuras, and Angry Assignments. Please coordinate with the Raid Officer to be sent the necessary WeakAuras prior to your first raid!

Please try to be online a few minutes early for your first trial night to meet with the Raiding Officer and/or your Role Leader!

Uldir / Review: 20Nov-26Nov
« on: November 20, 2018, 11:57:30 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 5/8. Defeat Zul. Make progress on Mythrax.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Raid for this week's Thursday will be cancelled due to the holiday.
  • In an effort to streamline applications and provide a quicker timeline to potential recruits, the application has been shortened to a few of the key questions, with the removed questions being transitioned into the interview area.
  • Two interviews were scheduled for Sunday for Dory (Frost DK) and Kirby (S Priest).
  • Congratulations to Jadebelles on making it through her trial period!
  • Interviews happened for Kibystomp (S Priest) and Dory (F Death Knight). Get Feedback in on them!

Tuesday Review:
Made it back to Fetid, however we had a rough go on Zek'Voz and early on Vectis. Let's try to improve on that in the future. Vectis pulls culminated in our cleanest kill yet though, which was good to see. Didn't get too many pulls in on Fetid, but we did reach lust phase on our last pull of the night, which is promising for a quick kill on Monday.

Thursday Review:
I make the best stuffing on the planet and is non-negotiable however I hope the rest of you each enjoy the things that you make the best of. Happy holiday, if you pop on later in the evening we will probably be doing some stuff, but enjoy the night off!

Monday Review:
Really quick kill on Fetid, good job. Unfortunately we were stuck with a suboptimal comp for Zul and worked on the slowboi strat. Primary changes were killing the first set of Bloodhexers one at a time, in the order of "Bloodhexer, Crusher, Bloodhexer." We saw rapid results with this strategy despite the composition, with our best pull of the night coming in at 6%! Nice work with the limited amount of time we had this week, let's keep it up through December until 8.1!

Overview of Previous Week:
It will be tough to follow up our best raid week so far in Uldir, but we have proven it to be doable by one shotting Fetid last week. Really proud of the effort we showed during last weeks raid, clearing all 4 of the first bosses and then following up Thursday with a Fetid one shot to give us major time to progress on Zul. Zul has been going by very quickly as well, getting as close as a 17% wipe on one pull. Just a really great week, so let's keep having them!

Things to try to improve on:
  • Let's get cleaner kills on our farm bosses, especially Zek'Voz this week. Last week's was sloppy.
  • Let's put Vectis on farm this week with a kill in under 5 pulls. Same thing as Zek'Voz though as well, I'd really like to see us get a clean kill on him.
  • Another quick kill on Fetid would be heavenly, I think we can all agree on that.
  • Continue with the rigorous health and dps pot usage (and healthstones). We know it costs a hefty chunk of gold but we have generous guildmates who are going above and beyond to undercut AH prices. Use them!

Specific Improvements to Zul Progression:
  • Work to be better with CCs, consumable usage, and dispels.
  • Work to improve on minimizing damage to the first set of crawgs.
  • Come back to Zul better prepared. Everyone should know the fight by now, we are in kill mode. There were questions asked that demonstrated a lack of research on the boss.

Start Researching Mythrax and G'huun if You Haven't Already!
We will be there before you know it!

Vortex News & Information / Founding Event: The Vortex Achievement Hunters
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:35:31 AM »
Good morning Vortexians! So far, we have received 11 submissions to the Guild Events interest poll (found here: Of those responses, 9 of you showed interest in the Achievement Hunting group, so it is definitely something I want to get off the ground soon.

If you all could be so kind as to fill out another form for me, it will help us set up a meeting with the highest number of interested players to start going over details about how the group will operate. I too have much interest in this, so I'll be taking point on organizing this group. The info I need from you guys can be found here:

Here are the details I was thinking of so far, if interested in this group, please let me know what you think in the comments!
  • Group voting on which achievements we are going to try to tackle next.
  • Scheduling the group for once every 2 weeks (possibly regular time/day, possibly random depending on who has what plans)[subject to change]
  • Always assuring we get as many people interested as possible, since achievements are a "one and done" resource.
  • Possibly including Legion transmog runs or balance of power runs in this as additional ideas.
  • Anything goes, dungeon/raid achieves, pvp, xmog, island expeditions, exploration, whatever.
  • Group core mentality is to help each other out. We'll each probably end up needing to participate in some achievements that we already have, just have fun with it. I'm glad people want to do achievements, but eventually, I want the reason that we get a good turnout for this to be because the group is a really fun bunch. So be prepared for maybe being asked to help us do something you already have completed.

Let me know and we can start moving forward on this guys! Thank you for participating thus far, keep it up, and as always: Happy Hunting!

Uldir / Review: 13Nov-19Nov
« on: November 09, 2018, 06:47:36 AM »
Goals: Finish Tuesday raid at 4/8 or more. Defeat Fetid Devourer. Make progress on Zul.

Officer Announcements this Week:
  • Funkyhunter went to vote after Tuesday's raid. Continue to give feedback for Krea and Jadebelles. Interview on Thursday at 7pm EST for Xyriel (Rogue).
  • Funky's trial was confirmed into the raid team, congratulations and welcome to the team!
  • Raid for the following week's Thursday will be cancelled due to the holiday.
  • In an effort to streamline applications and provide a quicker timeline to potential recruits, the application has been shortened to a few of the key questions, with the removed questions being transitioned into the interview area.

Tuesday Review:
We've reached the beginning of our goal, to go 4/8M on our Tuesday reset. Excellent work guys, we 5 pulled Zek'Voz and 4 pulled Vectis. Excellent work. Let's hit Fetid hard on Thursday and get a kill so we can mess around with Zul.

Thursday Review:
Excellent work everyone! We walked into Fetid's room, looked at his ugly mug and said "Hey man, you know you're really not a cool guy!" Then we one shot him! Awesome awesome job, and we made phase 2 on Zul just a few hours later. Truly amazing raid night, easily the best we have had this tier. Keep up the great work, try to get your hands on some augment runes for Monday, and whatever you can to get your character stronger for Monday's pulls. We've got a real shot at killing Zul on Monday, but at the very least, we've already surpassed all goals for the week! Great job everyone!

Monday Review:
Really good work so far on Zul. Much more consistency in reaching phase 2, giving us some solid opportunities to progress that phase as well. Things to improve on for next time; cc timings, unnecessary crawg damage, tank transition survival, and crawg numbers. Progression value to beat for Zul: 17%

Overview of Previous Week:
We came out strong for Tuesday, only requiring 6 pulls on Zek'voz. Vectis gave us a lot of trouble however, requiring 22 pulls to earn our second kill. Still though, we were able to get a hearty one and a half nights of progression in on Fetid which went very very well overall. Areas that we did well on between Vectis and Fetid was our overall damage and healing. DPS over the course of last week was superb, along with our healing team performing just as well, occasionally having to heal some very poor mechanical plays and basically just saving the day.

Areas that we struggled with, and perhaps have been struggling with for some time without noticing, was in consumable usage and also in common issues like mechanical failures and some general fight preparedness. Improvements were made in the consumable issue, but we still have plenty of room to do better. Everyone should get more used to using a healthstone every attempt at some point when you can. There are instances where you can go through a fight without using one because you got lucky with targeting, but overall, there should be some point where you can use it and still get the full benefit. Health potions are the same thing here, just additional healing you have access to for situations where you may need to assist the healers.
Usage of damage potions was also an issue, and while relatively irrelevant on our farm bosses at this stage, they still give us an edge on reaching our progression fights faster. Using both the prepot and regular pot are raiding requirements for all non-farm bosses, with farm bosses requiring the use of at least 1 pot. Farm bosses are defined as any boss that we can kill within 5 pulls. Zek'voz still remains a "progression" boss for us, so you should be double potting for him, Vectis, and of course Fetid.

Mechanical failures were addressed individually with parties responsible, as per our usual raiding policy, however fight preparedness was lacking. Some questions were asked along with several demonstrations by raiders of simply not having researched the fight, or not having retained what was done on previous raid nights on Fetid. That is not proper and we expect everyone to be prepared this week. Some strategic changes that were made to accommodate some problems were:

Fetid Devourer Strat Changes
  • Ranged and Healers never stand between the boss and the adds, because of stomps and melee movement.
  • Ranged and Healers finding a spot to return to each pull and after each set of adds to achieve more consistent positioning.
  • Achieving more consistent boss positioning with better pull timers and utilizing both sides of the room if necessary.
  • Cooldowns first adds, 2nd potions second adds, lust and cooldowns third adds.
  • Boss damage is largely irrelevant, as soon as the adds start spawning, ranged and healers should start positioning themselves for adds instead of the boss.

Hey guys, we want to measure interest in a few possible guild activities we can implement, so if you'd like to do more stuff with your fellow Vortexians, when you have a moment, please fill out this Googley Doc:

We appreciate any participation! Currently there is no option for additional things, so if you would like to suggest something to be added to the list that I may have missed, just leave a comment here and I will add it when I can!

For days you have waited. All the relationships ruined with the outside world. The slowly depreciating living conditions caused by the endless waiting, on the edge of your seat, for the next set of the absolutely riveting Zappies. Hoping, praying, that you too had proved your worth Odyn. I am God King Skovald! These mortals dare not challenge my claim to the Aegis!

Whoa, blacked out for a moment there. Where was I? Oh yes, the second round of Zappy awards for the Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research!

The categories are:
  • The But My Parse... Award: This award is granted to the raiders who sacrificed their ability to parse just so we could kill the boss.
  • The Check Out My Parse Award: This award is granted to the raider who just tunneled the boss the entire fight because our raid leader let him/her.
  • The Organization is Key Award: This award is granted to the raider who best demonstrated how important an organized strategy is to defeating this boss.
  • Kunai with Chain: This magic card is the only magic card in Joey's entire deck, like where the fuck did he learn to play Duel Monsters even?!

Let's jump right into the first category, the rich and fulfilling But My Parse... Award!

You guys know what sucks real bad? Having to be in the first group of people to cross the barriers on this fight. You're never gonna parse with such little uptime on the boss, and you don't even get good uptime on the adds because the goal is to blow them up super fast. Without these unsung but now sung because I am singing about them heroes, we would never be able to kill the boss though. We need these players to traverse the barrier and get some lock down stuns on the blobbies that everyone else who gets to parse spawns when they cross the barriers later on. As a measure of thanks to these players going above and beyond to achieve a completely mediocre parse, we would like to congratulate...

Gale, Litto, Xannathos, and Hambonebob! Not Ellyana and Glaiverunner though because they parsed well anyway.

You may bring any frustrations regarding receiving this award to Xannathos, as it as his decision to cripple you all on this fight.

Our second award is the worshiped and mythical Check Out My Parse Award!

This award goes to the selfish son of a bitch that just sat in the room as long as they could, again on Xannathos' orders. If you did not receive this award and are upset about it, you may again direct your complaints to Xannathos. One player above all others tunneled the shit out of the boss on our first kill, and is of course most deserving of this award. So without further delay, congratulations to...


Warbus achieved a superb 97 percentile on our first kill of this boss, while the rest of us all suffered (except Joms who gets an honorable mention here with a 96). Again, if this upsets any of you, don't forget to cry at Xannathos about it. That doesn't seem to be working out for Diablo fans at the moment but it's still worth a shot.

The final award for this ceremony is the rare and valuable Organization is Key Award!

In many raid tiers, there is often a specific boss that demands an above and beyond performance from the guild's raid leader. In Emerald Nightmare, this boss was Xavius. He was followed by Desolate Host in Tomb of Sargeras, who again was followed by Eonar in Antorus. Mother is the Uldir equivalent to these bosses, who ask more than usual of the raid leader. Mostly, it's just really really annoying to have to redo the AA for every single different composition of raiders that we bring week to week for these kinds of bosses. As a way of showing our appreciation to Xannathos's raid leading thus far, the Zappy award for the category of Organization is Key goes to...

Gronnsbane! No I'm just kidding it goes to Xannathos of course, weren't you even reading the part above?

Thank you all for reading, keep it up, let's try to be focused and on target tonight so we can reclear Zek'Vectis, and I will see you all at the awards ceremony for Zek'Voz! Congratulations to the winners!

Vortex News & Information / Taloc: Activating Award Retrieval
« on: October 30, 2018, 01:56:01 PM »
Good day Vortexians! It is with great pleasure that I am here to announce the awarding of Battle for Azeroth's first round of lucrative and legendary awards: the Zappies! The Zappies are granted based on some completely arbitrary and/or fun criteria relevant to our first kill of each progression raid boss in mythic.

Our first round covers the encounter against one of the most elevated of the titan constructs within Uldir: Taloc!

The categories are:
  • The Do the Thing Award: This award is granted to the raiders who do the thing the best.
  • The Dodge the Thing Award: This award is granted to the raiders who dodge the thing the best.
  • The Avoid the Thing Award: This award is granted to the raider who has the highest avoidance tertiary... I mean who avoids the thing the best.
  • Pot of Greed: This magic card allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.

Without further adieu, let's start with the first category, the prestigious Do the Thing Award!

The Thing to Do in question on the Taloc encounter, is to drop the Blood Storms (puddles left behind by ticks of Plasma Discharge) on the appropriate spot, a marker designated by the raid leader, Xannathos. Based on this criteria, after observing the replay of the first kill, I am happy to award the Do the Thing trophy to...

Gizmozz and Sunnymuffin!

Gizmozz dropped the most Blood Storms on the appropriate position, followed closely by Sunnymuffin. Sunnymuffin received the ability one time fewer than Gizz however, and had a better percentage of drops on the correct position. Congratulations both of you and thank you for doing the thing!

Our second award is the revered and highly sought after Dodge the Thing Award!

The Thing to Dodge to receive this luxurious trophy is Sanguine Static, a targeted conal ability that shoots five blood spheres in lines in the direction of the cone. Who am I kidding, this is literally just Aggramar's Wake of Flames reskinned to look like blood. Being a completely avoidable ability by all members of the raid team, everyone who took no damage from it was awarded the Dodge the Thing award! And so, congratulations to...

Warbus, Lynxx, Bowzakana, Gale, Demoniclink, and Ellyana!

On behalf of Xannathos and I, we would like to thank you all for dodging the thing!

Our final award for this ceremony is the utterly essential Avoid the Thing Award!

Similar to the Dodge the Thing award, this is granted to the player who performs best at avoiding the damage of an unavoidable ability. This can be achieved in some cases by proper defensive utilization, but also in some cases such as Taloc, by properly executing the mechanics. Taloc's Cudgel of Gore ability causes him to deal unavoidable damage to the raid, but the damage is reduced based on your distance from the source. This award was gifted to the raider who took the least amount of damage from this ability.

And so the awarding of the Avoid the Thing Zappy goes to...


With no immunity and scarce defensive abilities, Xalilith managed to take the least amount of Cudgel of Gore damage in the raid by properly positioning himself at max range when the damage erupted. Congratulations Xal, we appreciate you for avoiding the thing!

Thank you all for tuning in, keep up the good work, and we will see you all at the awards ceremony for M.O.T.H.E.R.!

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