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Since we've completed virtually all of the released content with our recent defeat of Anub'arak in the Trial of the Grand Crusader, we've been spending our time polishing our tactics and going back to complete some unfinished business that we'd left behind in Ulduar. Chief amongst those was Algalon, an observer sent by the Titans to analyze potential corruption on Azeroth. If he were to detect such corruption, his job was to sent a signal to the Titans to "re-originate" the planet, wiping it of all life in the process.

We had spent a bit of time with him prior to the release of the 3.2 patch, but weren't able to come back regularly as we worked our way through the Trial of the Grand Crusade. Now that we've got Anub'arak and company pretty well under control, we've been making a point of consistently making use of the full hour that we get to face Algalon on a weekly basis.

Algalon himself is a tough fight from a tank & healer standpoint. He hits hard, fast and t...
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Ahh, Anub'arak. Didn't we kill you before? Twice even?

While we'd probably disagree with Blizzard in calling Heroic Anub'arak one of the "hardest" WoW bosses to date, he certainly was no pushover. As with the rest of (10-man) Heroic ToC, we found him to be well tuned and a tough, but beatable, challenge for a 10-man strict guild like ourselves.

All in all, he required about 3 full raid nights worth of work to finish. During our work, we tried virtually every well-known strategy and our own variations thereof, but came to settle on a single submerge strategy that utilized our high raid DPS to push Anub'arak into P3 a little over halfway through his second ground phase. We continued to polish our ice patch placement, kiting, and add handling and were soon pushing consistantly into P3.

As anyone who has done this on Heroic will attest however, P3 is a pressure cooker. Tanks ...
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With the ever so stressful Alliance Champions now resting peacefully 6 feet under, we invited 2 fine young ladies in Fjola Lightbane and her marvelous sister Edyis Darkbane to join the fray.

After a very cordial introduction on our first night we reconvened to share our opinions of them more thoroughly. Our second attempt of our night became their last. With perfect synergy and lightning reflexes, even our fumbling Taurens seemed like ninjas.

Lightbane and Darkbane now rest below with Anub'arak. Or as we like to call him... our next target!
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