April 21, 2009, 02:18:53 PM by Scythe | Views: 2848 | Comments: 0

Ahh, we finally got a day where the instance servers were stable!

We lost a full night of raiding to instance issues the night after our Flame Leviathan, so we logged in this Sunday full of built up frustration at Blizzard and the obviously under-motivated hamster powering Turalyon's instance cluster. Luckily for us though, our frustration usually leads to bad things for the pixel people that we put in our cross-hairs and we wanted to make sure this evening was no exception.

A prior guild vote had decided that we wanted to take a straight path towards Yogg-Saron before we focused on clearing the entire instance, so our first target of the night was XT-002.

XT-002 is a fun, relatively simplistic fight featuring some..."notable" voice acting. After a couple wipes figuring out the mechanics, someone put forth an idea that we all quickly agreed with: "Guys, let's kill him so we don't have to listen to him anymore". That sparked a quick kill of XT-002 and...
April 15, 2009, 01:25:47 PM by Scythe | Views: 2904 | Comments: 0

Following a somewhat "problematic" deployment of the 3.1 patch that ended up stealing 3 of our 4 scheduled raid hours last night, we got our first taste of new content in nearly three and a half months.

As with many others, we had been closely following the development of the 3.1 patch in the hopes that it would give us the chance to step away from the rest of the pack and show what we're capable of. We didn't, however, memorize the fights from the PTR. As a general rule, we'll read over the basics of the fight, but enjoy figuring out the specifics and our own unique way of tackling each fight.

First up was the Flame Leviathan. Blizzard had touted this fight as the first real usage of the vehicle system in a raiding capacity and we'd agree that was the case. It took us a bit to understand the capabilities of each vehicle and how they all worked together, but we picked it up quickly during the trash and our first couple pulls on the Flame Leviathan. We polished ou...
March 19, 2009, 01:05:15 AM by Scythe | Views: 2982 | Comments: 0

One of the few remaining achievements on our "hit list" has been to earn the title of "the Undying", which signifies a complete clear of Naxxramas (within one week) without any deaths during a boss encounter. We've been working on this for a few weeks, but have been hamstrung with a series of freak accidents, usually involving Heigan the Unclean and his notorious "safety dance".

We've kept plugging away at it though. Last night saw an exceptionally clean bit of raiding by a mixture of our raiders and more casual players that really set the stage for us, leaving only Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad left to clear this evening. These aren't particularly difficult fights for us, but I'd be lying if we didn't feel a bit of anxiety now that we were close to achieving our goal.

We can bring it when we need to though and both fights were executed in textbook fashion. We did have a one of those h...
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