March 10, 2009, 03:09:27 PM by Scythe | Views: 3012 | Comments: 0

After our kill of Malygos back in January, we've been spending some time filling out our ranks and focusing on a far more difficult challenge (although, to be fair, Malygos still does give us fits and starts at times): Sartharion with multiple drakes still alive.

10-man Sartharion with 3 drakes still alive is without question the toughest fight currently in the game and many 25-man guilds kitted out in all iLevel 213 gear can't do it, so we decided to first focus on the slightly less lofty goal of killing him with 2 drakes still alive.

After we became familiar with the fight and how the pieces worked together, we started our regular process of experimenting to see what worked best for us. We tried out different positions for pretty much every part of the fight, different group compositions, taking portals vs. not taking portals, etc. It's a tough fight requiring high sustained healing and DPS along with a great deal of coordination and individual precision.
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Back for our second raid night after the holidays, we decided to actually put some legitimate time on Malygos, supposedly the pinnacle of the WotLK entry-level raids. We had spent a bit of time on him one day during the holidays and took him to Phase 2 with 8 people, so we knew the basics and it was only a matter of practice before he hit the floor.

We did have to step out to go practice the Aces High! daily quest to make sure everyone knew how to handle their drakes in Phase 3, but by then we were breezing through the first 2 phases with little difficulty. It wasn't many attempts after that we got our rhythm down and knocked Malygos out of the sky!

That kill earned the majority of our raiders their "Champions of the Frozen Wastes" achivement, so to celebrate we took 12 people to kill the 25-man version of Sartharion. That resulted in an easy one-shot in which we shaved a minute off ou...
December 16, 2008, 12:46:00 AM by Scythe | Views: 3481 | Comments: 0

Once we'd cleared Naxxramas, we decided to focus on the remaining WotLK raid content, which we had previously left untouched. That took us to the Obsidian Sanctum, home of Sartharion of the Black Dragonflight.

A couple of us had fought him before in PuG 25-man raids and reported back that he was incredibly easy, and as a guild, we can confirm that this was right. There were only 8 of us available for a raid, so we decided to kill all the drakes before engaging him. Trivial doesn't even to describe it, as we promptly one-shot him and distributed his loot as off-spec pieces.

Unfortunately, this killpic is not from the first kill, but from the second kill, which had only 7 players (1 healer). On the first kill, we discovered he was secretly a bear in disguise!!

...okay, we had actually left ...
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