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Once we'd cleared Naxxramas, we decided to focus on the remaining WotLK raid content, which we had previously left untouched. That took us to the Obsidian Sanctum, home of Sartharion of the Black Dragonflight.

A couple of us had fought him before in PuG 25-man raids and reported back that he was incredibly easy, and as a guild, we can confirm that this was right. There were only 8 of us available for a raid, so we decided to kill all the drakes before engaging him. Trivial doesn't even to describe it, as we promptly one-shot him and distributed his loot as off-spec pieces.

Unfortunately, this killpic is not from the first kill, but from the second kill, which had only 7 players (1 healer). On the first kill, we discovered he was secretly a bear in disguise!!

...okay, we had actually left ...
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Within just two raid lockouts, we finished clearing Naxxramas with a two-shot defeat of Kel'thuzad this past Saturday.

We worked really hard in preparing for Naxxramas. Most of us knew it as the pinnacle of raiding in the original WoW, and treated it with the appropriate respect. We ran heroics constantly and farmed ridiculous amounts of consumables. We worked hard to give ourselves every advantage because that's how we go about raiding.

It turns out that we were (way) overprepared. We spent two days in Naxxramas in our first week and cleared all 4 wings. The vast majority of bosses were dead in either one or two attempts and none of them gave us any real challenge.

Since we had such an easy time during our first week, we decided that we'd repeat the experience the following week while we farmed for frost resistance gear for Sapphiron, who we figured we would focus on in our 3rd week in Naxxramas.

Week 2: Thursday saw us with an impromptu Arc...
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Vortex is a mythic raiding guild formed around a core of former officers, raid leaders, and guild leaders with experience stretching back to vanilla WoW.  We moved to Turalyon at the start of WotLK and have worked along the 10-man progression path, preferring a smaller raid size to cut down on the drama that plagues many guilds and to bring our raiders closer together.  We led the Turaylon 10-man progression listing since our formation at the beginning of WotLK and made a strong for being the best all-around 10-strict guild in the world by finishing the expansion ranked as the #2 guild worldwide for both strict 10-man progression and achievements. Since then we have continued to challenge ourselves in progression content, and even expanded our size to raid in 20-man mythic content.

Most of our members are in their 20's and 30's and we want to stress that the most important things that we're looking for is a personality and skill fit between us and our applicants. We want peo...
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