January 29, 2019, 08:42:10 PM by Torquemada | Views: 282 | Comments: 2

Greetings, friends! With the launch Battle of Dazar'alor and the opening of Mythic, Vortex decided to take a break from our push through the Heroic version of the instance to give the first boss (Champion Frida) a try. This resulted in a quick 2-shot kill, and because so many top guilds are protecting their logs, the perception that we're also on the hunt for world firsts.

Frida (The boss in the Horde version of the raid) functions much as she does in Normal and Heroic, save that she will cast Prayer of the Fallen, necessitating that raiders be ready to avoid a bevy of damage and interrupt adds (Including Disciples that have already been killed!)

All in all a very fun encounter. Good work everyone!
December 11, 2018, 10:22:49 PM by Torquemada | Views: 545 | Comments: 4

While simultaneously battling the joys of updated addons and class changes with the launch of 8.1, Vortex took down Mythrax in his final form.

The fight changes in that Mythrax brings along his pal Xalzaix (Not to be confused with Xalilith), a Squidward-looking fellow who casts some of the same annoying beam abilities for which Mythrax was previously known to have a monopoly. Most of the changes involve stacking to place Xalzaix near the boss for cleaving in P1, and successfully managing Void Echoes in proper raid placement.

Great work, everyone! It's time to kill a slug!
November 29, 2018, 09:57:35 PM by Torquemada | Views: 595 | Comments: 3

After progressing through Vectis and Fetid Devourer, Vortex turned our sights on Zul, and even worse, the trash before Zul so that we could put work towards polishing off the final few bosses of Uldir. As is usual, there were several changes between Normal/Heroic and the Mythic form of this boss, and some of the changes are particularly unpleasant. The Pools of Darkness must still be soaked, and the Corrupted Blood you get from soaking them (Or the raid gets from you NOT soaking them) never drops through the rest of the fight. Additionally, all of the adds regenerate once killed, unless they are affected by Decaying Flesh. A wholehearted shoutout to our dispellers for handling moving this to the correct targets.

While many guilds have killed this fight by making use of numerous Sub Rogues to cheese the non-dying Crawgs for a single target damage buff on Zul himself, due to us not running a stacked co...
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