April 10, 2018, 11:11:16 PM by Torquemada | Views: 672 | Comments: 9

Hello Vortexians!

With Antorus in full swing and the downfall of Mythic Argus on the horizon, it is time to replenish the guild bank! To keeping makin' it rain, we will be holding our next installment of the Vortex 50/50 draw on Thursday, April 26th!

What is a 50/50 draw?
You purchase a ticket or several tickets and we pick a winner through a draw.
The proceeds from the draw are then split. 50% for the winner, and 50% for the guild bank. The more people who play, the better the pot will get, so people are encouraged to contribute as much as their means allow.

Why are we doing this?
Aside from just being a fun thing to do, the main goal of this draw, is to put some gold into the guild bank. The guild bank has helped finance everyone in the guild (repairs, etc) so we hope everyone in the guild will participate. It is okay if friends who may not...
March 31, 2018, 10:30:16 PM by Crunchatized | Views: 372 | Comments: 0

As we stare Aggramar in the face, I've got a new batch of kill posts for the website!

It's been a productive month for the guild, quickly picking up three more boss kills as we start to inch closer and closer to Argus himself. All three of these fights had us all at the edge of our seats and were honestly really enjoyable throughout progression and even our rekills. For Kin'garoth, he'll spawn all three adds at every intermission and gain a buff depending on which adds you kill last. There's also a lot more bombs, and a few mistakes in movement can quickly wipe the raid if you tank and orb to the face.

Varimathras doesn't change entirely too much- every time he player is hit with a mechanic or is caught out by themselves, he spawns an add. The add will target one of the raiders and begin a short cast, aft...
February 19, 2018, 11:42:50 PM by Crunchatized | Views: 370 | Comments: 0

And we're finally back with a new kill post! After some long nights of progression, the raid team has finally taken down the Soulhunter and fought our way to 6/11M! Awesome job everyone!

On Mythic, this fight forces the team to cross the deadly bridge a total of 4 times, which doesn't sound like a drastic change... until you realize that none of the traps despawn after each consecutive pass. Thus, the team has to work together (and use some Demon Hunter cheese mechanics) to clear as much of the bridge as possible each time while still keeping the raid above zero health and dispelling the priority targets.

On the actual platforms, the fight requires a lot more precise movements in order to deal with Sleep Canisters and Charged Blasts. Overall, like in many Mythic fights, it simply requires good preparation and the ability to make quick, on the fly decisions.

Thanks to Litto for his kill video!
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