November 07, 2018, 11:47:18 AM by Baja | Views: 274 | Comments: 2

Hey guys, we want to measure interest in a few possible guild activities we can implement, so if you'd like to do more stuff with your fellow Vortexians, when you have a moment, please fill out this Googley Doc:

We appreciate any participation! Currently there is no option for additional things, so if you would like to suggest something to be added to the list that I may have missed, just leave a comment here and I will add it when I can!
November 05, 2018, 08:08:27 AM by Baja | Views: 353 | Comments: 3

For days you have waited. All the relationships ruined with the outside world. The slowly depreciating living conditions caused by the endless waiting, on the edge of your seat, for the next set of the absolutely riveting Zappies. Hoping, praying, that you too had proved your worth Odyn. I am God King Skovald! These mortals dare not challenge my claim to the Aegis!

Whoa, blacked out for a moment there. Where was I? Oh yes, the second round of Zappy awards for the Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research!

The categories are:
  • The But My Parse... Award: This award is granted to the raiders who sacrificed their ability to parse just so we could kill the boss.
  • The Check Out My Parse Award: This award is granted to the raider who just tunneled the boss the entire fight because our raid leader let him/her.
  • The Organization is Key Award: This award is granted to the raider who best demonstrated how important a
October 30, 2018, 10:25:40 PM by Torquemada | Views: 419 | Comments: 3

With just a few nights of solid work, Vortex applied copious amounts of cleaning solution to the blood stain left by our most recent conquest, Vectis.

As with most bosses, Vectis incorporates the previously learned requirements for Normal and Heroic, and adds a twist. On Mythic, Vectis gives out 4 different Omega Vectors, meaning that 4 separate groups are needed to manage the spread of communicable and infectious diseases. This is paramount, as the stacking debuff Lingering Infection gains some new spice. At 6 stacks, players who continue to receive stacks of Lingering Infection spread AOE damage and put additional Lingering stacks on their neighbors. At 12, gaining additional stacks means you spawn an Engorged Parasite, which is in itself a terrible proposition. Should a player managed to reach 25 stacks without dying (No small feat in and off itself), they will cause raid wide damage and die in spectacular yet mockable...
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